Odyssey Template: How To Create A Panel Discussion For Coronavirus
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Odyssey Template: How To Create A Panel Discussion For Coronavirus

Write a panel discussion on COVID-19 with members of your community.

Odyssey Template: How To Create A Panel Discussion For Coronavirus

Odyssey creators resonate with their audiences because of their authentic and unique perspectives and experiences they share. Panel Discussions allow us to bring multiple creators together, providing a range of perspectives and experiences to broaden reader understanding.

The following steps provide the framework to host and write a panel discussion on COVID-19 with members of your community.

Step One — Pick your article/panel topic (provided) + Cover Photo

Example: I Miss [Community]: [Community] Students Discuss Life in Quarantine

So a headline could end up looking something like:

"I Miss Tuscaloosa: Alabama Students Discuss Life in Quarantine"

For the cover photo, simply take a picture of you in quarantine or your quarantine set-up!

Step Two — Pick your panel questions:

1. Byline question: Where are you spending quarantine? What's the vibe?

2. How do you feel about our university's response to COVID-19?

3. When did you start to know it was serious? When did you start taking action?

4. What do you miss most about being on campus?

5. What's something you didn't realize you'd miss?

6. What's the first thing you're doing when you get back?

7. How are you helping those around you?

Also, make sure to include panel member info:

  • Name
  • Year in school
  • Photo for panel graphic (we'll create this graphic for you during editing)

Step Three — Identify your panel:

1. It should be 3-5 people, including yourself.
2. They all have to be registered as Odyssey creators.
3. Creator Tip: consider how their similarities or differences will play into your article.

Step Four — Get your responses:

1. Send your questions to each panel member (email or Slack)

2. Set a deadline to respond (we suggest giving them at least 24-48hrs)

Step 5 — Write your article in the CMS

**Use our HQ COVID Panel to help guide your formatting.**

1. Provide context for your article

2. Introduce your panel (Name, Year in school, and byline based on response to Question #1 above.)

3. List your questions and answers by panel member

4. Contact Kat when you're done, and we'll do our best to add some special graphics

Step 6 — Add authors

NOTE: you will note have permissions in CORE to add authors, so you will have to add a note at the bottom of the article:

"This article was co-written with [add names and hyperlink their Odyssey profiles]"

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