I Won't Be Changing My 'Useless' Poli-Sci Major, Now Or Ever

My mom and sister both have political science degrees. My mom is now a pastry chef, my sister a saleswoman. You may ask, why even get a political science degree? You'll never use it anyway. While this may be true, I never intend to switch my major. Poli sci till I die.

I get a lot of questions like, "What do you intend on doing with your political science degree after graduating?" Well, possibly hang it up in my home office before I go to my 3 p.m. shift at the local TJ Maxx. However, a girl can dream, so I always reply with my classic answer "I'd like to be president one day."

To this, I get one of three replies: "Wow…" "You go girl!" or "I'll vote for you!" The first two walk away murmuring something about how I'll never be president, the last one is very hopeful for me but still doubtful. I can't expect any different reaction, though. If someone told me they wanted to be president I'd probably be just as doubtful. I'm even doubtful about myself! I'm not so naive to not have a plan B in the back of my head on my road to the Oval Office.

But I know I would always regret it if I became too scared to try plan A.

This is why I will not change my major to a more "useful" one. I'm 18, let me dream! It's not a waste of tuition money to be working towards a goal that I may not reach. My parents raised me to go after my dream, no matter how insane it may seem. They may be regretting this move right now because they have children with far loftier goals than the average person. Too bad there are no take-backs in parenting.

I also can't make myself change my major because I can imagine the feeling of coming back to my 25-year college reunion and being a senator or something of the sort. That feeling alone is worth all of the judgment I am getting now. Sure, that is a bit on the petty side, but at least I'm aware of that. My main motivation for becoming a politician, of course, is to better this country as best as I can. But, showing up all of my doubters is a close second. Anyway, vote for me!

In all seriousness, it is time to stop shaming all of us "useless" majors. My chances of ending up as president are slim, quite obviously, but you have to give me some credit for not brushing off my dream for fear of failure. The same goes for all the English, dance/theatre, history, anthropology, and philosophy majors out there.

Never change!

Pursue your passions, and if you can't find work after graduating, I'll hire you onto my presidential staff.

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