Who is the one person who is next to you every night when you go to sleep and every morning you wake up?


You have never failed to be there for yourself. How incredible is that? That you have had your own back every day you have been on this magnificent Earth.

Appreciate yourself. Take pride in who you are and remember that when you have no one to turn to you still have you and that is what matters. As long as you do not lose yourself, you are going to be just fine in this world.

With that being said... Stop worrying about who you lose in this life. I'm not saying don't grieve when you have lost a loved one because we all should grieve, it's a part of life. What I am saying is stop stressing over who does and does not like you. Do you like you? I hope the answer is yes, and if it is not, then it is time you practice self-love. You are unique. You're one of a kind. The same higher power that created oceans, mountains, and galaxies knew the world needed you in it too. So honor that. Honor every quality of yourself it is what makes you you.

That girl, boy, or friend that left you in the dust is MISSING OUT on an incredible individual. This life is too short to dwell on the people who leave your life. Let them be. Let them go. If it was so easy for them to leave you why would you even want someone like that in your life? You don't need them. You will be just fine without them. Please do not think for a second you are the reason they left. Remember that we are all on different wavelengths and not everyone will be riding your wave and that is okay. Accept that they are not ready to meet you where you're at right now and move on. You will grow and become stronger from every lesson you learn.

Instead, honor the wonderful people you do have in your life. Show them gratitude very moment you can. Practice kindness to yourself and others. Start empowering those around you to love who they are so they never lose themselves. There are many bad people in this world but there are also so many good people in this world. Find your people and hold them close. Remind them of their worth as you should do the same to yourself.

Once, you can let go of the people who are no longer meant for you, you will see your garden bloom with radiance. Go with the flow and always remember that you will always have yourself in the end.