I Spoil My Dog And I'm Not Afraid To Admit That

If you happened to read one of my past articles about me having to give up a dog I adopted, I have good news for you: I adopted another dog! I adopted a little dog from a shelter about a month and a half ago. He's a wire hair fox terrier mixed with a dachshund. Let me tell you a little something, when I first saw him my initial reaction was, "Wow he's ugly I don't know if I want him." Selfish, I know, but seriously you would have said the same thing. After spending a little time with him though, my parents and I really started to fall in love.

Vinnie Van Gogh was $25.00 + tax, so he was a total steal. The spoiling basically started the day he was brought home. I had to hand feed him his food because he is very, very picky. I now give him a mixture of wet and dry food, but the dry food is a specifically homemade one from someone local. He will not eat any other kind, it has to be that specific flavor and make. I guess that isn't really spoiling, but you don't see me buying him any cheapo dog food.

Vinnie is quite handsome. Yes, I did think he was a little ugly before, but he grew on me. He's a total stud now. You will not catch him without a bow tie. When it comes to his bow ties he is super spoiled. He has one for more than every day of the week. If I go to a pet store I immediately gravitate towards the bow ties. He also has normal neckties and some bandannas, so he's ready for any formal and casual occasion. If a store sells bow ties, I will not leave it without buying one for him. I really cannot resist the urge at all. I just feel that he deserves to look handsome at all times. I don't even want to know the amount of money put towards his ties. He has specific beach attire as well. This includes a Hawaiian shirt and swim trunks.

When it comes to toys, he definitely isn't quite as spoiled. I'm not saying he isn't though. We buy him some nice toys to play with. He's made it known that he likes toys with the crinkly stuff inside and also prefers very plush ones. So we specifically buy him very soft toys and ones with the crinkly stuff. He honestly goes crazy over his toys, He's almost 7 years old, but when he's shakin' his head back and forth with his toy in his mouth he looks like a puppy again.

Don't even get me started with the tummy rubs. They are apart of his daily routine. As soon as we both wake up, he is expecting one. It's not even a question anymore, he's going to get one. It's also hard to resist giving him tummy rubs because he is just so darn cute. If you see his big brown eyes looking at you and his ears flopped over, it's like he hypnotizes you into giving him a tummy rub.

All this may not seem like spoiling to every dog owner. If it doesn't, then that means you must spoil your pup a ton! Dogs definitely deserve to be spoiled. They make us so happy, so why not give back and make them super happy too.

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