Your Best Friend Should Have Four Paws And A Wagging Tail.

40 Reasons Everyone Needs A Best Friend That Has 4 Paws And A Wagging Tail

Everyone needs a dog. Period end of story.


A dog is a man's best friend. But do you know why? Here are 40 ways in which dogs have blessed our lives.

1. They will welcome you with excitement every single time they see you.


Human: Cary Porter

Gone for a few days? Excitement. Gone for a few hours? Excitement. Coming back from the bathroom? Excitement. Don't believe me? Get a dog.

2. They will always show you unconditional love.


Human: Lauren Oaster

No matter the day, your pup will always give you 110% of their love.

3. They are great listeners.


Human: Danielle Pritchard-Laval

And they won't tell a soul what you said, either!

4. You will always have company.

Gus and Eddie

Human: Krissy Szafran

When I said always, I meant always. Company includes: laying in bed, on the couch, in the bathroom, in your bedroom, in your kitchen etc.

5. They are American Heart Association (AHA) approved!


Human: Jaimie Palandro

A dog a day keeps the doctor away!

The AHA found that those who have dogs have lower blood pressure compared to nonowners. Who knew?

6. They are loyal and they are great companions.


Human: Gina Shields

According to research, being loyal is in a dogs blood!

"Many dog trainers and other animal experts believe...pack mentality...causes dogs to be loyal to their humans. They think pooches view people as just another member of the pack. So dogs don't just love a good cuddle — they also think loyalty will keep them alive".

7. They are always the first in line to cheer you up and be there on your worst days.

Brody (again)

Humans: Hannah Porter and Guy Porter

Dogs can pick up on our behaviors and react. They are always the first on the scene.

8. Food never goes to waste


Human: Beverly Rossino

Yes, they'll eat that, if you let them.

9. You have a workout partner.


Human: Lizzy Friedman

No one loves a run more than your pup! Better yet, they will push you (or tug you) to keep going!

10. They encourage and motivate us.


Human: Maddie Callaghan

They motivate us to get out of bed and get on with our day with barks and kisses. They are always there to keep us going!

11. They make us laugh, constantly.


Human: Abigail Keck

How many funny faces, funny sleeping positions, funny falls, or funny playtime habits have you seen? There is not a day that goes by where they don't make us laugh!

12.  They bring excitement into the household, meaning there is never a dull moment.


Human: Shelby Worcester

There may be a mess to clean up afterwords, but it was definitely a story to tell.

13. They can help detect illnesses


Human: Alyssa Wolfe

Dogs have been seen to detect seizures, cancer, narcolepsy, and low blood sugar, just to name a few.

14. You have a designated sleeping partner/nap buddy/cuddler.


Human: Lexi Rastelli

Why do we need other humans, again?

15. They will always try to protect you, no matter how small.


Humans: Andrew Rivera and Theresa Pearce

I have personally seen tiny doggos protecting their humans like they weigh 150lbs.

16. They make children smile and actually aid their development. Who doesn't want that?


Human: Taylor Cline

Dogs can help children develop skills that are necessary for growth!

17. You can determine who is a serial killer.


Human: Tara Doll

"I don't like dogs" -Serial killer.

18. You probably don't need a boyfriend when you have a dog.


Human: Erin Rose

All you need is kisses, cuddles, and companionship.

19. They keep spots warm.


Human: Margaret Anne Hussey

They may take yours, but that is okay because they are just so gosh darn cute.

20. You can spoil them.


Nicole Dominique

Like a grandmom spoiling her grandchild, you can spoil your pet with matching clothes, fun treats, and lots of toys!

21. You have an excuse to not leave the house.

Masey Mae

Human: Taylor Houston

You can tell friends "I think my dog is sick" and they will probably understand completely and let you off the hook. Dogs will get you out of those social human interactions no one wants.

22. You meet new people.


Human: Kelly Lee

When your dog goes to sniff another dogs butt, both you and the other dog's human have to talk to each other...right?

23. They teach us responsibility.


Human: Kendal Wisniewski

Not everything is perfect. Dogs come with some work. But I promise, it is so worth it!

24. They decrease stress.


Human: Jake Ryan

It is scientifically proven that dogs decrease stress! This is one of the reasons hospitals have pet therapy (for both the patients and the staff).

25. They make life worth living.


Human: Samantha Wylesol

Life is just better with a dog.

26. You can dress them up and they *usually* put up with it.


Human: Patricia Thomas

Look how happy he looks!

27. They can help children from developing allergies


Human: Danielle Burger

How awesome is this? A study done by UW Department of Pediatrics showed that infants that were exposed to dogs were less likely to develop allergic diseases like wheezing, eczema, rhinitis, and other allergic reactions.

28. If you start freaking out, they start freaking out. You will always have someone to celebrate with!


Human: Alexis Roberts

Always down to party!

29. You can participate in exchanging dog pics.


Human: Madyson Thompson

You have to admit, seeing other people's dogs and sharing your own is the best feeling ever.

30. You are always moving.


Human: Lisa Rommel

You will always be moving. Like running out of the house because your dog saw a squirrel, or running because he has your shoe, or moving because your dog is in your spot and you don't want to move her.

31. They make us better people.


Human: Sue Carey

One study found that dogs made their owners "noticeably more patient (54%), responsible (52%) and affectionate (47%)".

32. They are always up for an adventure.

Buck (left) and Bud (right)

Human: Julia Smith

It can be a ride in the car, a long walk in the park, or a weekend hiking trip, they are ALWAYS ready for an adventure.

33. They help you get through work.


Paul Jesiolowski

"I like this picture because this is how he keeps me company pretty much every day I work from home." -Paul J.

34. They come in all shapes and sizes, so its impossible NOT to find one to fall in love with!


Human: Ali Korabik

Just look through these pictures! All of them are unique. You will find your perfect match!

35. They give the best kisses.

Mr. Bean

Human: A.J. Wylesol

They are always looking to give kisses!

36. They can help people with disabilities.


Caitlyn Kwiatkowski

Dogs help the blind, deaf, those with anxiety and depression, and so much more!

37. You will always have a photo to post on Instagram.

Lucy and Lucy

Human: Brandon Balderman

Who doesn't want to see cute pups all over their instagram timeline?

38. If you have one dog, getting another will give them another playmate!

Kane (left) and Raider (right)

Human: Julia Smith

The more the merrier!

39. They can be a great Ice-breaker.


Nicole Dominique

"Do you have any pets?"

"I do, actually! Hold on, let me show you a picture!"

Bam. This is an instant ice breaker.

40. You have a best friend.


Human: Robert Keck

You will always have someone by your side, and on your side.

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If You Went To Elementary School In The Early 2000s, These 20 Things Will Bring You Back

We may have grown up with technology, but our childhoods were a much simpler time.


Early 2000's kids grew up in a special period of time; during the rapid rise of modern technology. Many of us went through elementary school without smartboards and not having any sort of computer at home, then graduated high school only six years later with an iPhone in our pockets and not having opened a book in who knows how long. Enjoy some early 2000's nostalgia from a simpler time.

1. Class pictures

Do these still exist? Probably, but as a lifetime lover of fashion this was easily one of my most favorite days of the school year.

2. Carpet squares

There was always that one lucky class who brought them to assemblies and put everyone else's sore butts to shame.

3. Color-coded behavior cards

Let's be honest: the threat of a call home kept most of us from ever turning our cards past yellow.

4. Red Ribbon Week

Ah, the good old days...back when theme days and scary drug factoids actually scared us off.

5. Scooter boards

No explanation necessary.

6. FitnessGram Pacer Test

It might be a meme now, but for us early 2000's kids it was just a part of our yearly gym class curriculum.

7. Square pizza

These greasy pieces of cardboard made for the best lunch day of the week, hands down.

8. Snacks for kids' birthdays.

Nowadays elementary schools are more careful about allergies. Odds are if you went to elementary school fifteen years ago or before, it was a sin if a classmate didn't bring cupcakes or brownies for their birthday. Once you saw them walk in with that Tupperware's all you could think about all day.

9. Book markers

Back when young pupils used ~real books~ for learning and for fun, these thin pieces of plastic were crucial for keeping the Dewey decimal system intact.

10. Wall pencil sharpeners

For real pencils! Unless you were a cool kid and had mechanical pencils.

11. Magic Tree House, Junie B. Jones, and The Teacher from the Black Lagoon

Some of the most popular books for kids at the time, not only did we read them in our free time but if we had a "cool" teacher they'd read them to us in class.

12. Scholastic book fairs

What's more exciting than leaving class to visit a pop-up bookstore in your auditorium and buy your very-own brand new, glossy book to take home?

13. Counting blocks

As soon as our teachers brought these babies out, the class went wild. How our teachers actually got us to pay attention long enough to teach us anything with these is beyond me.

14. Writing in shaving cream

It's the little things! Kids love getting their hands dirty, and some brave teachers took advantage of that by letting us write in shaving cream on our desks.

15. Cursive guide sheets

Back when electronic signatures weren't a thing and you actually needed to know cursive…

16. Kid Pix

The start of all our technology addictions. I guarantee the theme song is still in the recesses of your mind.

17. Dance Mat typing program

It's crazy to think that there was a time when we didn't know how to type. Dance Mat was a favorite during computer class.

18. Schoolhouse Rock!

Learning about the US constitution? Grammar? Electricity? If your teacher failed to show you AT LEAST one Schoolhouse Rock video, you sorely missed out. Schoolhouse Rock may have been produced "before our time," but we love the timeless songs, nonetheless.

19. Overhead projectors

Before smartboards existed, these were necessary for any visual-heavy lesson. If you were called up to write on the projector slide, it was either the best or worst day of your elementary career.

20. Cool Math Games

Plot twist: not actually math games. For some reason everyone thought this was a secret to our teachers.

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