In case you've ever wondered about the cutest puppies the internet has to offer, here is a carefully hand-picked selection for your enjoyment. From the sleepiest of puppies to the most playful of puppies, this list has it all. Even better, you'll discover the true depth of purity these floofs possess in their big hearts. For even more of a challenge, try to make it to the end of the article without verbally awing.

1. This smol fellow ready to defend his honor

2. This grumpy sleepy boi

3. These confused puppers

4. This wee cuddle bug

5. This curious loaf

6. This super pup

7. This over-ambitious pouncer

8. This puppy that embodies Monday morning

9. This overprepared pooch

10. When this pup realizes the seriousness of her situation

11. The excitement we all feel about a new toy in this wee hot dog

12. The sleepiest of them all

13. The emerging bb puppers

14. This level of tired

15. This satisfying little ear

16. The patience of this unsure pupperoni

17. How done with life this tiny pooch is

18. The utter exhaustion of this potato

19. The relatable feels of a good snack

20. This tiny pup and his need for attention

Okay, you made it to the end. How many times did you find yourself cooing over those clumsy baby dogs? Admit it, you awed at every GIF. It's completely understandable considering the vast adorable puppies present. We are so lucky to have companions that are loyal, funny, and never fail to work up excitement to see us. There isn't a single puppy on the planet that isn't brimming with an eagerness to impress and the familiar scent of puppy breath.

Puppies are truly way too pure for us and we don't deserve all the love they have to give. We can only try to pay all the good boys and girls back with lots of treats and infinite cuddles.