Only Hurt People Hurt People

It's true.

Hurt people, hurt people. And in reality, they are hurting the ones closest to them.

Why do the people we love most in our life seem to be the ones that end up bringing us the most heartache? Shouldn't it be the opposite? The people that care about us the most, should be the ones to look out for us when times are tough, not walk away? The people that we have entrusted seem to always find a way to break that trust. And the ones that are supposed to hold their promises, always find a way of backing out. Shouldn't it be easy? And shouldn't we trust the ones we are closest to? Why do we constantly feel let down by relationships in our life? And why do we continue to invest in these relationships, when we are going to continuously keep getting hurt one way or another?

Great question.

because we are human.

And humans make mistakes. That's right. Probably not the best answer you were waiting to hear.

Do you know why the closest people in your life have brought you the most hurt? Because we are flawed individuals, and when you are in a close-knit relationship, you are completely exposed. And that means the good, bad, and the ugly. There will be hurt, there will be differences, but there must be forgiveness. Not every relationship is a healthy one, don't get me wrong. There are some toxic relationships that you may need to let go of. But hear me out, every relationship is worth fighting for. And you'll know, if it's one you need to let go of, or if it's one that you need to continue to fight for. But always remember that people change, and people grow. If you are able to see that, and if you are able to forgive, and learn from it- you might save yourself from a lot of heartache, and a broken relationship.

You may have a chance to save a relationship. Instead of running away upset, and becoming offended, you may be able to keep your love on for that person when they are taking their hurt out on you.

You may be able to see the gold in them.

Everybody goes through hurt in their life, tough times, heartache, and sometimes people hit rock bottom. When hurt people hit rock bottom, they most likely take it out on the people they are closest to, which could be family, close friends, and even coworkers. They can bring the most pain to an individual's life and not even know it.

I call these people, shipwrecked.

they are at the lowest of the low. and they are not living in their true identity.

This is why hurt people hurt people.

And instead of letting these people hurt you,

are you willing to forgive?

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