Ever since my friends and I booked our spring break trip to South Carolina, we have joked about getting our spring break bodies. The most surprising part of it was that we're actually working toward getting in shape for the trip. We have a set gym schedule and we try to go as often as we can in order to be absolutely ready for the beach.

Working out can be a pain, but when you exercise with the right people, it doesn't seem as painful!

1. "Should I really go to the gym?"

2. "I really should."

3. "After spring break, I can just stop going."

4. "I really want pizza."

5. "But I should have a salad."

6. "This will all be worth it when I put my bathing suit on in a few weeks."

7. "I really hate working out."

8. "Running is the worst."

9. "I have never been sweatier than I am right now."

10. "How can other girls wear makeup to work out?"

11. "I immediately sweat mine off."

12. "I know exercising is supposed to wake you up, but I'm ready for a nap."

13. "Ugh, how much longer???"

14. "It's only been two minutes?!?"

15. "If I have to do a burpee, I will cry."

16. "My arms feel like they're about to fall off."

17. "I don't think I could do another squat even if I wanted to."

18. "I'm going to need a shower the second I get home."

19. "I forgot how out of shape I am."

20. "Just a few more reps then I'll be done."

21. "Even though I feel healthier, it doesn't make this any easier."

22. "I'm going to sleep well tonight."

23. "Tomorrow I'm not gonna want to move at all."

24. "Good thing I'm driving to campus in the morning."

25. "I'm going to need a bomb pump-up playlist if I want to get through this."

26. "Why am I doing this to myself?"

27. "I really should have waited to eat until after I finish working out."

28. "I wonder if anyone saw me use that machine wrong."

29. "I really need to stop making awkward eye contact through the mirror."

30. "Please stop grunting, I feel uncomfortable."

31. "Maybe if I go into this corner no one will see me."

32. "Every machine I want to use is taken and now I don't know what to do."

33. "How am I already out of water? I just got here."

34. "I only had an hour, and yet, I just spent 30 minutes talking with someone."

35. "I really should have planned this better, now I'm not going to have time to shower before class."