I absolutely love Brooke and Jubal in the Morning! I listen to it like clock-work. Every. Single. Day. In the mornings I start my car right as the Phone Tap is coming on, and by the time I get to work/school I'm finishing the Second Date Update. They have so many segments that it's hard to choose by absolute favorite, so I'll give you a list of my top 5 (in no particular order).

Second Date Update


The idea for this segment is that if you go out on a date with someone and they don't call you back, you email the show and they get the person on the phone and ask why they aren't calling you back - the catch is that they don't know you're on the other line.The segment ends with Jubal asking "Would you like to go out on a second date? We will pay for it." It's always a 50/50 if they say yes.

These are the best! Without a doubt these might be my favorite. I think it's really interesting to see the kinds of dates people go on, what they think is okay vs not okay, and especially the things they are willing to overlook in a relationship. Not gonna lie, sometimes I wonder if I'll ever end up on the show, but I like that it gives us these little glimpses into different personalities and how different people react differently to different situations. I never know what to expect, and I'm always on the edge of my seat waiting to hear why they didn't call back.

Here is a link to one of my favorites.

Jubal's Phone Taps


These are basically prank phone calls. If you want to play a joke on someone, you send them an email with some basic information and Jubal (or whoever) comes up with these elaborate scenarios that are funny as hell. Once Jubal (or whichever character he came up with) has gotten enough of a reaction, he admits it's all a joke, and usually mentions the name of the person who set them up.

These are hilarious! I love how creative and convincing Jubal is on the phone! He really gets into each character/role, and he knows exactly how to upset the person as much as possible. And people's reactions when they find out it's actually a prank are priceless. I've always wanted to email in for a really good prank on my aunt!

Here is the link to a personal favorite.

Win Brooke's Bucks


This is more of trivia game that is played between a listener and Brooke every morning. They take Brooke out of the studio, you answer as many of the questions in the given time frame as you can, and you have to get more correct than Brooke in order to win.

This is so much fun to play along with in the car! I used to play every morning ('cause I'm competitive and think I'm better than Brooke) but now I work/go to class so the timing doesn't work out. It's usually random trivia questions, or things that are trending. It's not as funny as the other two segments, but it's more interactive.

Here is the most recent.

The Loser Line


This is a gem just for the simple fact that people are ridiculous! Basically if you are out and about and someone tries hitting on you, you text the number and get the number for the Loser Line and pretend that you're actually giving them your real number. Then they can leave awkward voicemails that they play on the air.

Some of the pick-up lines I have heard on this show are not only funny, but also down-right insulting and hilarious. Most of the time the people on the other line are drunk (or otherwise intoxicated) and it's really obvious. You get tiny hints at what went on throughout the night, and some of it is really sketchy.

Here is a good one.

Awkward Tuesday Phone Call


This is a great segment because they are SO AWKWARD! If you need (or want) to have a conversation that is potentially awkward or embarrassing, you let the studio know the situation, they offer advice, and then you call them on the air and have your awkward phone call. Just like with the Second Date Update, they eventually find out that you have been listening on the other line.

My favorite part about these is how much people are willing to reveal over the radio, and also hearing the kinds of things people find embarrassing or awkward. Similar to the Second Date Update, I also like hearing the other person's response/reaction! I can never predict how they will react or what they will say without realizing the other person is listening in.

This is the most memorable (in my opinion)