How Hulu's Newest T.V. Series 'Dollface' Teaches The Importance Of Female Friendships
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How Hulu's Newest T.V. Series 'Dollface' Teaches The Importance Of Female Friendships

Sometimes we don't realize how grateful we are for our girlfriends.

How Hulu's Newest T.V. Series 'Dollface' Teaches The Importance Of Female Friendships

Having guy friends is great, but there are some wonderful qualities that only female friendships can truly offer you. Hulu's new T.V. series, "Dollface", featuring Kat Dennings (Jules), Brenda Song (Madison), and Shay Mitchell (Stella), follows the story of an abrupt breakup which leads to the rekindling of recently neglected friendships. Jules gets dumped by her boyfriend of 5 years and contacts old friends, Madison and Stella, in hopes of reconciling the friendship. Through scenes of magical realism and the reunion of long-time friends, "Dollface" highlights the importance of female friendships.

Your girlfriends will always be there to help you pick up the pieces when your life feels like it's falling apart. No matter how much time has passed, some friendships can rekindle and reignite the strong bond it once held. 'Dollface' exemplifies the female friendships between Jules and her three girlfriends as they face life's challenges together. After Jules faces a breakup with her long-term boyfriend, Jeremy, she reaches out to old friends Madison and Stella, while gaining a new friend, Izzy (Esther Povitsky), along the way.

Jules discovers the single version of herself since no longer dating Jeremy, and learns about the 'unidentified rules' of being a good female friend. Madison teaches Jules to ask for a raise from her boss, telling her to be strong and demand what she has earned. Along the way, she encourages Jules to stop continuously apologizing for what she deserves. From taking off a friend's makeup when she's drunk to staying loyal during a fight, 'Dollface' exemplifies the true treasures behind female friendships.

As Jules progresses in her newly-discovered, single self, she learns that it's not always essentially 'sunshine and rainbows' when it comes to female friendship. She learns that girlfriends will sit and listen to you when you need them while being trustworthy and loyal at all times. However, she also learns that girls will sometimes fight with one another, especially if they don't directly communicate when they're upset over something. Jules learns that even when female friends fight, it's clear that they're not going anywhere because loyalty in a friendship is everything.

Upon discovering the heartbreaking truth about Madison's boyfriend, Jules struggles to tell her, knowing it'll devastate her. Once Jules informs Madison that her boyfriend is lying to her, Madison becomes angry with Jules, saying she's wrong about what she saw. As the fight continues, Jules travels to Mexico for her ex-boyfriend's sister's wedding, leading to Madison, Stella, and Izzy following her so that Madison and Jules can make up.

Arriving in Mexico, Madison, Stella, and Izzy realize Jules lied about the wedding being for her cousin, abruptly turning around to head back home to America. After Madison, Stella, and Izzy get stuck on the side of the road, they find themselves befriending an all-female group setting up camp near the roadside who give them further insight on the bond of female friendship. As they take shelter overnight, Madison reconsiders things with Jules and the three of them travel back toward the wedding in the morning.

While attending the wedding and reception, Jules realizes she doesn't like the person she once was with Jeremy and that she instead loves the person she's evolved into. Rediscovering herself once friends with Madison, Stella, and Izzy, Jules understands that her friends are the people she truly loves and that without them, she would never be the same. As the girls arrive at the reception, Jules finds Madison's boyfriend present with his wife and decides to publically call him out. Speaking up about how he broke Madison's heart, Madison and Jules find themselves reunited once again, stating their love for each other. As the four girls abruptly leave the reception, they demonstrate their impenetrable female bond that Jules had once considered improbable.

'Dollface' emphasizes the idea that female friendships can inspire and strengthen you to become a better you. Jules learns that her friends are always there for her when she needs, will always be honest with her, and will always stay loyal to her, despite any fights they may have. Loyalty and trust are two essential components in female friendship, as shown through Jules' friendship with Madison, Stella, and Izzy. 'Dollface' teaches that the strong bond of a female friendship means having loyal, trustworthy friends who forever encourage you to grow.


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