7 Things You’ll Understand If You Partied In H.S. In A Small Town
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7 Things You’ll Understand If You Partied In H.S. In A Small Town

Unfortunately, I never partied in a cornfield, but one was never too far away.

7 Things You’ll Understand If You Partied In H.S. In A Small Town
Karlee Onstad

I grew up in a town where there were more tractors than cars and more barns than houses. I might be slightly exaggerating, but you get my point--I lived in a tiny rural town in the middle of nowhere. After graduation, I moved to the Twin Cities for college, where one of my lectures was twice as large as my graduating class. It was a big transition.

And of course, like every stereotypical rebellious college student, I quickly adapted to the lifestyle of partying at a huge university. It was thrilling to go to a party full of classmates who were strangers when before, I knew everyone in my school. I was able to meet new people and embarrass myself (which happened all-too-frequently) without fear of seeing those people the following Monday in the hallway. To say the least, I loved partying in the city.

Yet, over the years as I started to revisit my hometown less frequently and would go months without seeing some of my best friends, I came to appreciate and miss the mischief I and my hometown friends had once regularly enjoyed. I now cherish the times we are able to gather in my friend’s basement at the top of the ridge and retell old and amusing stories, all while creating new and exciting memories. These are the ­­­seven things you have probably done (or at least understand) if you partied in high school in a small town.

1. Bonfires (Because it is always lit)

Or, more specifically, (semi-controlled) fires in an old field behind someone’s barn with everyone’s tailgates facing the open flames. While in the city there are restrictions on fire pits and such, in the country you host a gathering for the sole purpose of burning the pile of tree branches you gathered after five days of clearing a new field.

2. Adventures in the Woods

And when teenagers get tipsy at a house in the country, the logical thing to do is to go exploring in the woods. It can go two ways--either everyone is too paranoid because they "heard something," resulting in a huddled group of kids shuffling through the trails. Or, you form an all-out exploration party with mud smeared under your eyes and bandanas tied around your head. There is no in-between.

3. Lost in the Woods

And, subsequently, it does not take long for that one person to wander off and get lost in the woods. Oftentimes, though, they are just passed out in the middle of the field or are still struggling to climb back up the “hill” that they will insist is a ninety-degree vertical, which in actuality is atmost ten degrees.

4. No Noise Complaints

When the closest neighbors are half a mile away or your neighbor is also at your party, you can be as loud and rambunctious as you please without the fear of your neighbors calling the cops. Besides, chances are you're partying with the local police officer’s daughter anyway.

5. Lawnmower Races

So, at my house we have a huge yard so naturally, we have three riding lawnmowers. While they may only travel a solid four miles per hour, with a little imagination and intoxication, they were quickly transformed into a thrilling race. (Do not be alarmed though, those driving were not drinking; only the passengers were able to enjoy a refreshing beverage.)

6. Couch Surfing

The best part of partying within a small town with your best friends is that it is always acceptable to crash on their couch and never worry about how to get home. But, the key is to call dibs on the good couch before anyone else to ensure that you get at least some sleep.

7. The Church Rush

And, since you had to travel 12 miles to the nearest party because you live in the valley and your friends live on the ridge, you obviously had to drive. This means that the next morning, you are awakened at 6:00 a.m. to drop off your friend and rush home just in time to make it to church. And to top it all, you see your other mutually hungover friend and give them a high five after the sermon when only seven hours earlier you were screaming the lyrics to a Luke Bryan song while dancing on a workbench.

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