How to Win at Valentine's Day When You're Single
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How to Win at Valentine's Day When You're Single

Calling all the single ladies (and men)!!!!

How to Win at Valentine's Day When You're Single

When someone says "Valentine's Day," many things come to mind. Some people think of their s/o first, others of sitting alone crying into a box of chocolates, and others of the massive bill that comes with treating their sweetheart to a perfect day. However, almost everybody thinks of one thing for sure: love.
That tiny, four letter word that's so commonly used yet so rarely meant. But why do we always think of other people when we say this? Why not think of ourselves?
Well I am here to tell you that Valentine's Day is about you too.

Here's how I'm taking on Valentine's Day alone this year!

Be sure to take annoying photos the whole time 1) to remind yourself of the great date you took yourself on and 2) to annoy everyone around you.

1. The night before: Go to (or be in!!!) a college Acapella group Valentine concert. They are loving people and love you even if they don't know you. Kiss the mascot. This will set the mood of love that your life previously lacked, allowing you to treat yourself to a single's Valentine's Day.

2. Wake up. Take your most expensive (Dollar General) lipstick and draw a heart on your mirror. Surround it with compliments (preferably in French) and kiss marks. Stand there for at least thirty-seven minutes and six seconds admiring yourself. Strategically stand in front of the lamp so you can genuinely tell yourself "Darling, you are absolutely glowing!"

3. Make a snowball. Form it into a heart. Cuddle with it. Watch it melt for you.
*No pictures were captured for this. The heart melted to quickly over me.

4. Do yoga. Instead of saying "om," scream. Feel the stress leaving your body in a three-part exhale (chest, ribs, belly).

5. Go to a coffee shop (even if you don't drink coffee) and demand that your latte art is a heart. Take pictures with it. Your coffee loves you.

6. Go to a restaurant (doesn't have to be fancy). Write yourself a love note. Place it under your plate. When the server takes the plate, be very surprised at the slyness of your "secret admirer" and blush while reciting the beautiful note - out loud - for all other restaurant-goers to hear.

7. Flirt with yourself in a public place. Feed off the discomfort of others.

8. Return home. Pour glitter everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Glitter fixes everything.

9. Call your mom, your best friends, your aunties, your sister, and everyone on your contact list and brag about your super fine date.

9. The day after - Go to the store. Buy discounted chocolates. Watch Legally Blonde. Cry into your discounted chocolates while watching Elle Woods cry into her chocolates (meta). Finish the movie and be reminded that the world is a wonderful place, you are a wonderful person, and the best things in life are unexpected.

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