7 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You
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7 Easy Ways To Tell If The Guy Your Curious About Likes You

He will try to be near you and "pop your bubble."


As a newly single girl staying a far away from the dating scene as possible, I have spent many years pondering this topic and luckily through years of experience and lots of my own research, I have concluded with several ways you can tell if the guy you're curious about likes you.

1. He'll Tease You


Guys think they're sly with this and will tease the heck out you as a sign of being engaging towards you. He'll push your buttons to get your attention and if he does it right, it'll be cute as heck!!!!

2. He'll Get Into Your Personal Space


If a guy likes you, he'll try whatever he can to get close to you, physically. He'll "pop your bubble" and try to get close enough to you because breaking that physical barrier is important when you like someone. It sounds bad but I promise we all do it. Think back to a time when you had a crush on someone. You probably wanted to be close to them so they would notice you.

3. He Won't Be Talking With Anybody Else


or at least he shouldn't be...if he likes you, you'll always be the apple of his eye!

4. He'll Ask You Questions Frequently


If a guy likes you he'll want to know eeeeeeverything about you! He'll go out of his way to ask you things about yourself and I have even dated guys who write the important stuff (like favorite things) down so they remember it all.

5. He Looks At You A Lot


You'll be eye candy to him if he likes you. (;

6. He Doesn't Use His Phone When You're Around


These days we're all connected by our phones, so if he doesn't use his phone around you, that means he wants to just pay attention to you. KEEP HIM!!

7. Watch His Friends


The friends give it away too easily. They'll give you two space for each other, they might embarrass him in a cute way, or they might even talk him up to you. Whatever happens, count on his friends to give it all away.

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