Need A Break From Social Media? Here’s What You Can Do Instead!
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Need A Break From Social Media? Here’s What You Can Do Instead!

Is your screen time getting too high for your liking? Here are some fun alternatives to spend your free time.

Need A Break From Social Media? Here’s What You Can Do Instead!
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This is a response to Social Media Or Soul Media.

We’ve all been there before, scrolling through our favorite social media app without realizing twenty minutes have passed. You tell yourself that you’ll get started on what you need to do for the day after ten minutes. But an hour passes. If you’re like me, sometimes it can feel embarrassing to get distracted by social media to the point where you don’t realize how much time passes. It’s important to remember, though, that these apps were built to be addictive, giving you the opportunity of endless scrolling. Don’t feel discouraged if you struggle with this, you’re not alone! If you need a break from social media like me here are some ideas on how to use your free time in a better way!

Read a book. As I’ve written about before, reading has been such a great addition to my routine this year. Take time to explore another perspective and get lost in reading rather than scrolling! If you don’t have the energy to read a book, you can read an article (like this one) or a magazine.

Journal. Sometimes when we spend a considerable amount of time scrolling, we can be avoiding something in our life, whether it’s doing dishes or thinking about something we’re upset about. Journaling can help us think through what we’re feeling and allow us to reflect on our different experiences. Take a break from scrolling to think through anything from relationships to your career!

Go for a walk. Whether it’s a ten-minute stroll through your neighborhood or an hour-long hike, spending time outside can have a variety of benefits!

Stretch. Similar to going for a walk, stepping away from social media for a few minutes to move your body is a great way to take a break from scrolling. According to Mayo Clinic, stretching can decrease your risk of injuries, increase muscle blood flow, and improve your ability to do daily activities. If you’re in a funk and feel like you want to lay in bed all day on your phone, taking two minutes to stretch can motivate you to get moving for the day!

Write a letter to a loved one. Sure, being in consistent communication with your loved ones is definitely important. But writing a letter for them shows your love and appreciation more than a text would. Unleash the stickers, colorful pens, and creativity to create something special and unique!

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