How to let go

I loved you, but I swear I still do. Nothing means more to me than your ultimate happiness, but I would rather your happiness be with me or is that wrong? You show mixed emotions for the first time in along time my heart is confused. Do you want there to be an us or is there nothing more from the flame we once shared. I want to let go and move on, but it seems like my heart is set on you. Why? I have no clue. I find myself looking through your page and seeing what your newest update is. I find myself not having the motivation to find someone new because at one point you were the future and then it all came down too soon.

The end of my senior year in high school I fell in love. So in love I never wanted to give it up, but I did and I can't change that now. He was sweet, kind, and caring and I took all that for granted. I was young how was I supposed to know that I wanted you forever. I called things off about a month in which really broke my heart and I know it broke his. But who knew four years later a senior in college I wanted you more than anything before. My heart has settled for someone I can't have and on a daily basis I realized that I no longer have the person I love because their heart is happy somewhere else.

This article is for those of you out there who have experienced similar things. I want to know how to let go because there is a pain in my heart from where it once was whole. I want to let go and try to be happy with someone new. I love him and my heart won't let him escape. I just love him.

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