As I've mentioned before, I am a transfer student. I've talked about this experience a great deal, mostly because, when I transferred, I couldn't find a lot of information about the toll it takes on many aspects of your life. However, I want to talk about, of the many emotions I felt at my previous school, homesickness.

First things first, this is a really common emotion, but not everyone you spend time with will feel it. Especially as a theatre major, I went to school with a lot of students who were just thrilled to get out of their hometowns, so I definitely felt like the only one that was homesick at times. However, seriously, give yourself a break. You're a teenager living away from home for the first time, or, even if you're not a teenager, college is a completely new experience. It can be terrifying and crazy. You missing home or even missing a different lifestyle, is nothing to feel guilty or weird about. You're completely in the norm for feeling that way.

I know that, especially for people with anxiety, homesickness can make you feel even more alone and more hyper-self-aware than usual, and that sucks. It really does. I had many a panic attack my first year (and, honestly, second year) of college where I would call my mom sobbing and shaking at 1 a.m. because I was so homesick and felt so alone. My mother helped me a ton, and she is really the inspiration behind this list of five different things to do in a Friday when you're feeling homesick. Why a Friday? Because, hopefully, you don't have any classes the next day. Plus, because of school responsibilities, doing it at the end of a week will give you a moment to breathe and actual time to feel relaxed. Here's my guide to a Homesick Recon Friday Night.

1. Come in and stay in: No matter what style of housing you're living in, a Homesick Recon evening should be a stay in evening. Sometimes, part of feeling homesick can be trying to force yourself to go out and party or force yourself to have fun, etc. While, occasionally, forcing yourself to have fun is kind of important, allowing yourself to be cozy is just as necessary. So, for this Homesick Recon Friday Night, don't make yourself go somewhere, just go to your room and stay there.

2. Make your space cozy: No matter what your space is actually like, make it cozy. Use that blanket from home, get out every pillow you have, whatever you have to do. Get cozy, get comfy. Change into some comfy pants and a comfy shirt and slippers. Be your most comfortable self.

3. Do something luxurious: Eat what you want. Buy a fun face mask. Do what you want. My first Homesick Recon Night, I bought my favorite kind of ice cream, ate whatever I wanted for dinner, and a fun face mask from Wal-Mart. It doesn't even have to be as luxurious as that. Sometimes, all I wanted was peanut butter on some saltines and it felt like a luxury because this part of the evening should be something you don't care about.

4. Find something fun to watch: My go-to on this is Friends, Frasier, or The Vicar of Dibley because those are television shows on which I grew up. However, this would also be a great opportunity to watch something you've been wanting to binge, but haven't had time for, Seriously, though, the restorative power of this is incredible. During one of my phone calls to my momma, while I was freaking out, she said, verbatim, "Just put on some Friends and laugh yourself to sleep."

5. Find a stopping place: Sleep will do wonders for you, honestly it will. This is going to sound super silly and weird, but go to bed at a decent hour. Sleep is amazingly restorative and will make you feel a million times better.

Do not worry if you feel homesick. You're not alone. Take some time to fill your heart and mind with comfort and peace. It'll all be fine, I promise.