Let Happiness Find You

As humans, we have this need and want to be loved and to love someone. We get close to people, we find an interest in them, and then before you know it you start dating them and you fall in love. I'm not talking about the fake love where people cheat and no one is happy, I'm talking about that love where you can't get enough of them. That person has become such a big impact on your life and they make you feel so happy and special. That's the kind of love we all want, don't we? We start dating them for months and then months turn into years and somewhere along those lines you're not together anymore. So when that relationship ends you feel devastated and you don't know what to do, or sometimes you don't know how to find happiness again.

Happiness is the simplest thing to find in life and most times you're looking too far into it. Everyone is going to tell you that the key to happiness is different for everyone, but for majority of people it's not. People make us happy. We have family members that always know how to make us laugh to the point where we cry and our stomachs hurt (in the best way possible). We have friends that will watch movie marathons with us and that will stay up with you at 2 in the morning just to talk. As much as you love that one person and you pretend you're okay, you have happiness in your life and you don't even realize it. It's hard to look for something and want it when you already have it.

Happiness, to me, is the little things in life; it's your favorite song coming on the radio while you and your friends jam out to it. It's cuddling up in your blanket watching a series on Netflix. Happiness is finding a ridiculous youtube video and laughing your ass off and proceeding to share it with your best friends. Happiness isn't necessarily bought, it's finding the simplicity in things. Sometimes happiness can be bought, for example buying your favorite ice cream. Nonetheless happiness isn't expensive or big, it's something that makes you feel good inside, just like the way the person you loved did.

Most importantly, YOU determine your happiness. You are in complete control of your feeling and your emotions. Every morning you wake up you have a choice on whether you're going to be happy that day or not. So it's important to love yourself and once you do, I promise you that you will be happy. That's the ultimate happiness one can achieve-self love. So when you think you can't find happiness, spend time with family, laughing your ass off with your best friends, and learn to love yourself and who you are. That is how you will be happy.

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