How To Be Happier
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How To Be Happier

Life is beautiful when you learn to see the good in everything instead of seeing the flaws.


Sometimes it is hard to be happy and it is a struggle to get out of some situations that just make you feel depressed and stressed out. I made a go-to list of how to be happy for myself and I want this article to help inspire others to be more spontaneous and creative with their minds and souls. Essentially, to be more intuitive with their positive thoughts rather than pondering on negative thoughts.

This is my own go-to list on how to be more happy everyday:

1. Learn to complain less and instead embrace every flaw.

Acceptance is key to every situation. Accepting the flaws or issues you are facing helps you move on and try to just embrace the rough times instead. Through every experience you grow stronger, especially if you accept the hard times, you grow more wise.

2. Sometimes all you need is some alone time with music.

There are a variety of playlists on an app I use called Spotify. They have playlists that range all over the spectrum of happiness. Here are four playlists that I follow that are abosolutely free to listen to on the app: Confidence Boost, Relax & Rewind, Songs For Sunset and Follow Your Bliss. Each playlist has specific songs that match the theme of the playlist name. Music helps me calm my mind because really I can relate to the lyrics of some of my favorite songs and even new songs that I discover. I love Spotify because it is very easy to browse through genres and discover great music.

3. Life is beautiful when you learn to see the good in everything instead of seeing the flaws.

It is very simple if you train yourself to see the good rather than constantly think and see the bad in things.

4. Quote hunting on Pinterest.

It is very easy to grasp onto quotes and sayings. It's like the words know exactly what to say to you when you are going through a tough time. Whether you need a confidence boost from insecurities, or you just need a pick me up kind of quote to get you out of your sadness, quotes will always help you conquer what you are going through. They just have the right words to get you out of your negative state of mind. It helps ease the pain.

5. Never go too long without watching a sunset.

Most of my days, I drive off into the far back of my neighborhood, away from all the clutter of houses, to properly watch the sunset. Take lots of pictures. You will notice each time you take a picture, not one is the same. The colors of the sunlight change so quickly. What a gorgeous way to end a day. Every time I watch a sunset, I automatically have a smile on my face.

6. Make a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

There's nothing like cuddling up with a nice cup of coffee and a good book.

7. Admire more. Most people don't admire enough.

When you see good things in other people, it will motivate you to be better towards yourself. Admire every aspect of life and all the good things it brings. Admire the bright blue sky, admire how the trees gracefully move through the sounds of the wind, breathe in the fresh air and take in the smells of nature, admire strangers passing by, admire love from all angles, admire yourself, and admire everything.

8. Look out the window and remind yourself how big the world is.

You aren't alone. There is still so much left for you to discover. Not just what is outside the window, but there is so much to discover within yourself and others.

9. Write down and identify your negative thoughts and replace them with good thoughts.

Be wise and understand that problems are just problems and they can always be resolved with time. Be patient with yourself. Anger is very quick to ruin your day and your state of mind. Do one thing that makes you happy every single day.

10. Try smiling more and saying hello to strangers.

It not only makes you feel good, but you will get a smile back--one hundred and ten percent guarantee.

11. Listen to inspirational talks.

I love to YouTube songs and videos of inspiration speeches. It is very uplifting and you will automatically feel inspired. It just makes you stop thinking about all the negative things and makes you think about how lovely and beautiful this world is.

12. "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist." --Oscar Wilde

Do something on your bucket list. First, if you haven't made a bucket list, you should. I am a very adventurous person and I love the idea of traveling. You may have a limited budget, especially if you are a college student, but there are so many places that are near you that are very cost affective. Go explore and take pictures so you can reminisce on your adventurous. Take someone with you or even go alone. It doesn't matter. Go out there and establish a creative and spontaneous mindset for yourself. Even go and write about your experiences and share with others.

13. Build a strong and peaceful mind.

If you struggle from overthinking and depression, try to meditate. I use an app called Calm that a very close friend of mine recommended to me. We both suffer from depression and the struggles of over analyzing and this app helps calm your mind and your body. It is a healthy alternative that takes about ten minutes a day to help alleviate your emotional pain and craziness of your negative thoughts and turn it into inspiration and happiness. Take care of yourself.

14. Feed your mind with knowledge.

Even if you are in school, it doesn't hurt to watch documentaries on the History or Science Channel once in awhile. Honesty, almost all the documentaries I have watched are so fascinating. You can even YouTube or Netflix documentaries. I love learning about the world and even beyond our world. Just think of all the galaxies and planets that are out there. It is so cool to think that there could be other planets like Earth.

15. Aspire not to have more, but to BE more.

Inspire. Create. Love. Trust. Kindness. Courage. Bravery. Happiness. Listen. Wise. Positivity. Joy. Be YOU. The beautiful you.

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