How To Achieve The K-Beauty Look – Secrets From The Experts At Korean Beauty Store
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How To Achieve The K-Beauty Look – Secrets From The Experts At Korean Beauty Store

When we think of "K-beauty," we think of dewy skin, an inner-lightening glow, minimum makeup, and a fresh, young appearance.

How To Achieve The K-Beauty Look – Secrets From The Experts At Korean Beauty Store

When we think of "K-beauty," we think of dewy skin, an inner-lightening glow, minimum makeup, and a fresh, young appearance. The Korean beauty industry, including skincare and cosmetics, has seen a significant change in recent years. It has gained popularity among both reviewers and beauty lovers due to its focus on usable goods that work. Korean ladies have mastered these routines over the years, and today they can be used as tried-and-true beauty tips to make any face seem fresh and modern. So have a look, beginning with the K-makeup basics for creating a dewy skin foundation.

If you want to emulate a Korean cosmetics look, there are a few basics you should always have on hand. As was discussed previously, radiant skin is a major tenet of the Korean beauty aesthetic, and these preparation and coverage essentials can help you achieve that.

1. Serum

K-beauty recommends applying serum to somewhat wet skin. To get the most out of your serum, use it immediately after getting out of the shower (on air-dried skin) or spritz some water on your washed face and apply a serum before putting on your makeup. Hyaluronic acid and ceramide-based formulas are effective for all skin types.

2. Moisturiser

The next step is to apply a moisturizer, an essential for maintaining supple, glowing skin. After applying moisturizer, wait until the serum has been absorbed and dried.

3. SPF

The Korean beauty industry strongly recommends using sunscreen before applying any cosmetics. It's easy to think this step isn't necessary if you're already wearing many layers of skincare products and cosmetics. But, if you want to protect your skin without leaving your face feeling sticky or looking white, try a lightweight SPF that comes in gel form.

4. Primer

Using an illuminating primer before applying your foundation is a tried-and-true K-beauty trick for achieving the desired "glass skin" effect. Primers, particularly those formulated with silicone, provide an unparalleled sheen and hold makeup in place superbly.

5. Concealer

Using concealer after a BB cream can help determine how much coverage you need. Use a concealer to cover up blemishes like under-eye circles or repair specific areas that need it.

6. Final Vapors

A Korean lady's finishing spray is never simply a setting spray; it also needs to make her face seem extra shiny. Therefore, using makeup-setting sprays and hydrating mists throughout the day are must-haves.

Now that you know how to care for your skin, you may use the following beauty strategies to give your face a youthful appearance.

Gradient Lips

A common K-beauty trick is to fill the center of your lips with a deeper shade and blend it outwards or into a contrasting hue for a gradient effect. In addition, you can achieve a soft, smoky look with a flat shader brush and matte liquid lipstick.

Fake Laughing Eyebags

The Korean ladies like to see that cute tiny dimple beneath your eyes when you grin or laugh. Eye bags, on the other hand, are dark and puffy yet seem like a muscle that protrudes beneath the eye, which is why even Anime characters can get away with looking attractive. Use a highlighter beneath your waterline and a deeper shadow below to get this look.

Shape And Fill Your Brows Straighter

K-beauty suggests that a straighter brow is key to a more youthful appearance. The eyebrows of Korean superstars are often drawn straight across, with only a little curve at the end. Remember to fill them in, starting at the inner corner and working outward, creating a point at the end with the brow hairs.

The Perfect Cushioned Applicators

Korean ladies often use cushion compacts to store liquid foundations, pressed powders, and even sparkly blushes. To achieve a smooth, even complexion devoid of creases and blotchy spots, makeup sponges are preferable since they are more manageable, mix the product more quickly, and are more precise.


It is clear that achieving the classic K- Beauty look of glowing, hydrated skin is within reach with little effort and patience. With the secrets to success outlined above, you can now take charge of your skincare routine and create a beautiful complexion emphasizing health and youthfulness. Look no further than the Korean beauty store for all the essentials to help you achieve the coveted K-Beauty glow.

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