How To Make The Best Of Your Fall When You're Single AF

How To Make The Best Of Your Fall When You're Single AF

Best friends over boyfriends, always.

Happy September, everyone. Or as I like to call it, the beginning of the season that makes me feel single AF. Fall seems to be the time when everyone who is in a relationship emerges to participate in activities that are deemed "the PERFECT date ideas for Fall!" But not being in a relationship will not deter me from going apple picking simply because it's cuffing season.

The most annoying thing about these date ideas is that they are perfectly normal, fun activities to do with your friends. But they've been hijacked, and it gets super easy to feel like this:

But instead of sitting around feeling totally and completely alone, we should be finding ways to make the best of the greatest season of the year! The number one tip I can give you is this...

Hang out with your friends who are just as single as you.

Just because you're single doesn't mean you have to be lonely. Your best girlfriends are going to be your lifeline during these few months because you're going to want to do everything with them.

Apple or pumpkin picking? Go with your best friends and you're going to get the best fall Insta of all time. Is your boyfriend going to take five million pictures of you fake-laughing with a pumpkin from nine different angles? Probably not.

If he does do that, however, marry him. Immediately.

Instead of hosting a scary movie date night with a significant other, why not order the gross takeout food you would never order on a date and watch Halloweentown with your best friends?

Stocking up on cozy fall sweaters and a new pair of riding boots? Go to the mall with the people who actually love to shop for that stuff with you -- your gal pals! Bonus points if you're the same size and can steal from each other's closets all season long.

Villanova student Sophia Cook had another great idea: "No boy is going to want to go shopping with you at midnight on Black Friday. Make a night out of it with your friends instead, because they're the ones who are going to wait in line with you all night."

Pretty much everything thing boils down to this: your best friends are there for you when boys aren't. Spend time with them, and cherish your memories together! Fall just might be the best season to do so.

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5 Things You Should Never Do On Valentine's Day

With the right mindset, this holiday might not be all that bad.

Valentine’s Day is a tricky business. Generally, there are two types of people who exist in the world: those who love this holiday and are adamant about wearing red or pink, and those who absolutely despise it for reasons which I am not completely familiar. Regardless of how you feel about having a day devoted to love, there are five things that no one – in a relationship or not – should spend their Valentine’s Day doing, and here’s what they are:

1. Devote the evening to watching rom-coms

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I am arguably the biggest lover of romantic comedies out there. Still, to spend your evening curled up on your couch watching movies that often have very unrealistic outcomes may not be the best use of your time.

It might be incredible that Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal overcame the challenge of being in the friend zone but sitting on the couch and living life through their love-story probably won’t make you feel better, and it definitely won’t make you any clearer on understanding your own love life.

2. Binge-eat chocolate

Yes, chocolate IS magical comfort food, but similar to number one, doing this the entire evening is certainly not going to make you feel good- physically or emotionally.

While having a little sweet treat is absolutely necessary (whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not) gorging on a bunch of sweets is going to instill some serious regret in you come the following morning, and it probably won’t take away the pain of watching John Hughes make us all fall in love with Molly Ringwald.

3. Hate people that love Valentine’s Day

Whether you are this type of person or not, we can all stand to practice a little bit of patience when listening to our fellow classmate vent about how much she loves Valentine’s Day and everything it offers. Allowing yourself to get worked up or angry at other people for expressing their love for a holiday that you might not be so crazy about is simply a waste of time.

Just smile, listen, and be happy for them! It’s not asking much, and it only makes things better for everyone.

4. Day-dream about how you’ll spend the day in the future

Okay, I’ll be honest, I’m pretty guilty of doing this. Since I’ve been in my relationship, I have filled my head with constant thoughts about the future and what my boyfriend and I will be doing on occasions such as these.

Although this can be fun and fill you with so much happiness, it detracts from allowing yourself to enjoy and be immersed in the present moment. Sure, it’s wonderful to think about the future, but if this Valentine’s Day is spent face-timing with your significant other from across state lines, enjoy it and embrace it!

5. Ignore the day

The history of Valentine’s Day is pretty incredible and surprisingly rooted in an ancient Roman tradition. That being said, nobody should simply ignore it just because they aren’t in a relationship or they find its meaning to be absent.

Valentine’s Day may commonly be a day to celebrate between you and your significant other, but it’s also a day of love. As cheesy as it may sound, use it to text your parents or best friends and tell them how much you love and appreciate them. Odds are, you don’t do that on a regular basis, and these little texts can turn someone’s day around in an instant.

While Valentine's Day may be a holiday that often brings a mix of emotions for a lot of people, keeping these few tips in mind will help you to make the most of all future Valentine’s Day's.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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5 Places Near Tuscaloosa To Hit Up For Spring Break, No Plane Ticket Needed

Stay local and don't break your bank with these five places.

Spring break; a college students’ week-long holiday. Seven days filled with questionable decisions and worried parents. Vacations aren’t cheap and nothing is cheap when working with a college kid budget. Not everyone has to fly to Mexico to have a memorable spring break.

Here are five places to visit within driving distance of Tuscaloosa.

1. Orange Beach, Alabama

Where wild vacations mix with southern charm.

2.Dauphin Island, Alabama

Located at the mouth of Mobile Bay, Dauphin Island is stocked with fun times and great food.

3. Nashville, Tennesse

It might not have a beach, but there sure is a great nightlife and even better country music.

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

Believe it or not, this city has a lot more to offer than just a fraternity formal. Beautiful, historic city that can keep you busy for days.

5. Fairhope, Alabama

Beaches, fishing, and nightlife for days. Not feeling up for a day of adventure? Go searching for some sea glass in Fairhope, Alabama.

Whether you're going with a group or a trip for two, these places are guaranteed to keep anyone busy. Take some time to relax and treat yourself while keeping it cheap and close to town.

Cover Image Credit: Gulf Shores & Orange Beach / Instagram

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