Happy September, everyone. Or as I like to call it, the beginning of the season that makes me feel single AF. Fall seems to be the time when everyone who is in a relationship emerges to participate in activities that are deemed "the PERFECT date ideas for Fall!" But not being in a relationship will not deter me from going apple picking simply because it's cuffing season.

The most annoying thing about these date ideas is that they are perfectly normal, fun activities to do with your friends. But they've been hijacked, and it gets super easy to feel like this:

But instead of sitting around feeling totally and completely alone, we should be finding ways to make the best of the greatest season of the year! The number one tip I can give you is this...

Hang out with your friends who are just as single as you.

Just because you're single doesn't mean you have to be lonely. Your best girlfriends are going to be your lifeline during these few months because you're going to want to do everything with them.

Apple or pumpkin picking? Go with your best friends and you're going to get the best fall Insta of all time. Is your boyfriend going to take five million pictures of you fake-laughing with a pumpkin from nine different angles? Probably not.

If he does do that, however, marry him. Immediately.

Instead of hosting a scary movie date night with a significant other, why not order the gross takeout food you would never order on a date and watch Halloweentown with your best friends?

Stocking up on cozy fall sweaters and a new pair of riding boots? Go to the mall with the people who actually love to shop for that stuff with you -- your gal pals! Bonus points if you're the same size and can steal from each other's closets all season long.

Villanova student Sophia Cook had another great idea: "No boy is going to want to go shopping with you at midnight on Black Friday. Make a night out of it with your friends instead, because they're the ones who are going to wait in line with you all night."

Pretty much everything thing boils down to this: your best friends are there for you when boys aren't. Spend time with them, and cherish your memories together! Fall just might be the best season to do so.