How Do Girls Really Feel About the NBA Finals?
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How Do Girls Really Feel About the NBA Finals?

The cold-hearted truth

How Do Girls Really Feel About the NBA Finals?

The NBA finals are in full swing. The final two teams have made the hard journey to the top, only to fight for a trophy that can be given to one team, the true winner. Who that team will be is still unknown but everyone knows it's a battle to the death. Including girls. But how do girls really feel about the NBA finals?

(Keep in mind this does not apply to all girls.)

I have been born and raised in a suburb only 8 miles from downtown Cleveland, so obviously I am rooting for the Cavs to win the Finals. Does this mean I actually care about the games that are about to be played? Yes and no.

Since the finals have started, I have received many invites by my guy friends to come and watch the games. Because I want to be social and see my friends, I go and watch the game even though it isn't the most interesting 4 hours of my day. However, during the next three hours, I am going to reluctantly sit on a couch and attempt to have conversations that are no where near related to the finals or even basketball. I am going to chat your ears off and annoy all you guys until approximately the last two minutes of the game. Which at this point, the game will hopefully get interesting and I will be completely intrigued by whether or not the Cavs will win. Until then, all you guys are SOL.

Now the truth is, us girls could care less about the three hour game. We don't care who fouled who first or who misses their free throws. I personally think NBA players are overly dramatic. If another player just pokes them, they will throw themselves on the floor and over react when the ref doesn't call the nonexistent foul. At times we care if the refs are playing favorites and only calling fouls on our team but usually we don't care about that either. The good news is there are a few things we care about in those three hours. We care if there is anyone famous sitting on the side lines like Justin Bieber or Usher. We care if Kevin Love is injured bad enough that he can't play like last year during the series with the Celtics. Why do we care if Kevin Love is hurt? Well because he is basically a hot God and we can't let anyone hurt our baby. We also care if a fist fight breaks out because that funny. We care about the last two minutes of the game because thats when it becomes a nail biter, unless the Cavs are losing by 15 or more points than we stopped caring right after half time when it was obvious they weren't going to win.

The cold hearted truth is we only care about the final score, but only if our team wins and also the hot players that take naked pictures for sports illustrated. Besides that, sorry boys its about to be a long three of hours of us gab on and on about the new purse we bought or that bikini wax we are afraid to get.


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