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Being a first time home buyer (or even renter) can be stressful. You look at hundreds of places until everything starts looking the same. You start coming across double listings, and you begin to get annoyed. Houses are extremely expensive, whether you are renting or buying. So here are 7 relatable thought's all first-time renters or buyers have had.

1. WHY would you install green carpet? 

Living room, master bedroom... you name it. I saw it more than once while looking at houses. I just really don't understand why.

Tip: Get on YouTube and search "easiest way to remove carpet," or just click the word YouTube! After that, Youtube "easiest way to install wood flooring" or whatever kind of flooring you want to put down. If you want a cheap, easy to install, nice looking flooring, go with laminate!

2. Who painted the cabinets teal? (Or any other off-putting color.) 

I mean seriously. They probably looked better beforehand.


1. Sand

2. Prime

3. Paint

You may have to prime them more than once, and paint on a few coats before you can completely get rid of colors like green or red. This is a simple, at home, weekend project! It can be done with just a few tools that you can find at Home Depot, Menards, or Lowes!

3. Too close to the train tracks.

Yeah, that's a big no for me, chief.

Tip: Ask neighbors how often the train comes by, and how much it has an impact on their sleep. If you are a heavy sleeper, theres nothing to worry about!

4. Do I really have to subscribe to ANOTHER e-mail list? 

Each and every home buying website asks you for your e-mail. I've looked at 5-6 different websites, and since then I've gotten about 80 e-mails.

Tip: Every so often, I enjoy looking through all of my spam e-mails to see if I can get good deals or steals on items and services. I also use something called Unroll me, it's a website that helps you unsubscribe from e-mail lists or "rolls them up" for you. This way your e-mail isn't so full.

5. Home renovation is great and all... but why this? 

This can go from all wooden everything (which, in my opinion, looks great if it's done the right way) to fire truck red walls. Why on earth would someone take the time and spend the money to do that?

Tip: Take some time to sketch out what the area looks like, and then make another sketch of what you want it to look like. Make a price list and time/labor list (if you can do it yourself, and then decide if it's worth it to you!

6. "No pets?" 

No thanks.

Tip: Do not get rid of your pets just to move elsewhere! There are dozens of places that allow pets! Go to USA Service Dogs to get your pet registered as an emotional support animal. If you do this, they are more likely to accept your pet.

7. Wait, so after I go $XXX in debt, I still have to buy furniture? 

Unfortunately, yes.

Tip: I suggest posting on facebook about wanting used furniture! Family and friends are usually more than willing to sell it cheap, or just give it away!

It will be stressful, it may give you anxiety, and you may want to give up... but you can do it! It will all come together, and with the Internet at your fingertips, you can find or find out just about anything you want to.

Final Tip: Be sure to ask your landlord or renting agency before making any changes to your home or apartment! Some allow it, some don't. If you can not make a permanent change, I'm sure there is a temporary change that would look just as good.

Good luck!

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