Don't Forget About Your S.O.'s Love Language This Holiday Season

Don't Forget About Your S.O.'s Love Language This Holiday Season

You might be into finding THE perfect gift for them when all they want is an evening by the fire and telling each other childhood stories.


The holidays are fast approaching! It feels like only last week that we were in October...time sure flies by.

Since it is coming quickly, we all tend to get hung up on the holiday spirit and what makes us happy that we might not think about what our significant other might want. We want to bring joy to our S.O. as much as we can, but we have to remember that they may have a different love language than us.

The 5 love languages are: "Words of Affirmation", "Acts of Service", "Quality Time", "Receiving Gifts", and "Physical Touch". If you take the quiz here, it will ask you some questions and tally out your results as to which language best suits you. This would completely explain why you may argue with your partner about them acting a certain way. It may be a reason that you noticed that you act a certain way.

You might be into finding THE perfect gift for them when all they want is an evening by the fire and telling each other childhood stories.

We tend to get so wrapped up in this time of year that is supposed to be about giving, and yet it is one of the most stressful times of the year. So I want you to take the time to think back to what you love about this person. Think about what do THEY love. What would they actually enjoy? Bigger does not necessarily mean better.

Every couple is different, so please do not compare gifts with other couples either. That is a means for disaster.

Also, do not forget that the giving does not end on December 25! You can be wonderful and giving all year-round.

I understand it can be challenging sometimes, but who said relationships were easy? You two are responsible for each other on keeping each other happy within the relationship, and that includes responding to what attracts them—responding to their love language.

So remember that this holiday season as you're shopping for gifts, planning trips and making memories at the house. The holiday season won't be so joyful if your special someone is not at their all-time high just because of some miscommunication.

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It's Time For Romance Movies To Start Portraying Love And Relationships More Accurately

It's 2019, get with the times.


Currently, on TV and in the movies, many romance movies have the same storyline. If it's on Hallmark, two people fall in love and complete some kind of mission. If it's in the movies two people date/fall in love, something causes them to break up, then they get back together and everyone lives happily ever after.

The problem is that all of these plots are seriously unrealistic.

All of these movies and TV shows just inaccurately portray how a relationship works in real life. A real relationship takes a lot of work, time, and effort. Not everything is candy canes, unicorns, and comes so easily. There are so many other factors that people have to think about.

I really got into watching these romantic type movies when I started watching PG-13 movies. I would watch them and picture all my relationships going this way. But these movies painted the wrong picture of relationships. I'm not saying my boyfriend is a bad boyfriend at all, he is wonderful! But we both have learned it takes a lot of work, time, effort, and communication. These are things very few romance movies teach us.

Also, everyone expects things from their significant others from what they see in these movies. I was one of those people, but then real life hit. There are bills, jobs, and time management that you have to consider. This doesn't mean that my boyfriend and I don't go out, but we have to choose wisely for what we do and when we do it! We have also found fun things to do at home in place of going out in order to save money.

I understand that many people like to watch these programs and enjoy them. But there needs to be a change to accurately portray a relationship. Personally, I think this is why many young people's relationships don't last - they have watched this easy relationship develop and stay in a movie and they haven't seen what it is like in real life.

So, to those who produce these types of movies and shows, it's time that you start making things more realistic.

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3 Ways On Telling The Difference Between A Bad Boy And A Good Boy

Is he on the naughty or good list this year ladies?


Is he on the naughty or good list this year ladies? There are all kinds of fish in the sea. Sometimes there can be too many to choose from. That's mostly if you're going off of looks. If you're looking for something serious, you'll have to fish harder for that one special fish for you. Here are some tips on how to dodge those bad fish in the sea.

1. How he approaches you.

How a guy approaches you is one of the first ways you can tell if he is serious or not. In person, does he shake your hand? Does he give you a compliment? Is he formal about his first impression on you? Observe him hard on how he approaches you. Be careful if he's already trying to hug or do anything else for meeting for the first time. Also even if you see each other in public somewhere else, does he approach you then? Depending on the situation, they should at least look at you, smile or wave to let you know he acknowledges you.

2. How he has a conversation with you.

Guys can be big flirts. You want to watch out for if he is being too flirtatious. If he is being too flirty to the point where you are uncomfortable, tell him to stop. Also if he starts talking about very inappropriate things such as sexual activity, that is also another red flag. Talking a lot about their ex-girlfriend is also a red flag. This shows that they may still like their ex and their main focus is not primarily on you.

Also pay attention if he is asking questions about your life. Bad boys tend to talk about themselves too much to the point where you can't even remember a lot of stuff they said and some stuff may be even too much information, depending on the guy. If he really cares he will make sure he is asking questions in between to get to know you more. If he looks tuned out or bored when your talking, cut him off.

3. Checking in on you.

This is very important. After you have met a guy, pay attention to how they treat you along the way. If he texts you all the time that can be a good sign. If he's texting about hanging out again, that is a good sign. You want to make sure he asks you how you are doing and what you have going on in your day. You also want to see how he responds back to what you feel like or what your doing.

See if he is showing sympathy for what is going on. If he starts becoming more distant in texting or calling you, he is not a good boy. There are guys who will text or chat a lot in the beginning, and then when they see you aren't the type of girl they were looking for, meaning, most likely not giving them sex, they will start acting "brand new" and acting like they never have time for you.

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