The Highest Caloric Foods Served At Cal Poly
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The Highest Caloric Foods Served At Cal Poly

The fast track to the freshmen 15.

The Highest Caloric Foods Served At Cal Poly
Mustang News

Two words: freshmen 15. It's inevitable. With summer break finally beginning, there is no way I can avoid bikini season now. As I slip into my itty bitty pink bikini I think to myself, "Oh God, where did these love handles come from!?!" I mean seriously, what the hell was I eating? How did I manage to stay skinnier when I was being a couch potato at home than when I was trekking miles up and down hills to class? I mean I ate way more food at home than in college. So what gives? Turns out, the food I was consuming in college had a little (and by a little I mean a thousand) more calories than what I was used to consuming in my home-cooked meals. So I decided to put together a little menu of the highest caloric items you could order from every restaurant on campus.

Sandwich Factory

Egg and Bacon Croissant Sandwich

Calories: 1400

Total Fat: 90g

Sodium: 1680mg

Carbs: 106g

Sugar: 27g

Wait what? That can't be right. 1400 calories?! Turns out anything with a croissant is 1000+ calories. Oh that buttery, flaky croissant is the gateway to an easy freshmen 15. If you're a fan of adding potatoes (who can resist potatoes, honestly) that was an additional 275 calories, yikes!


Peanut Butter Crush Smoothie

Calories: 775

Total Fat: 24g

Sodium: 690mg

Carbs: 115g

Sugar: 97g

It's not surprise a peanut butter smoothie would be highest in calories, but did you know most of the smoothies (offered by both Jamba Juice and Lucy's) had over 50 grams of sugar in it? Every sweet tooth's dream and dentists' nightmare.

The Avenue

Classic Italian Sandwich

Calories: 1220

Total Fat: 78g

Sodium: 4100mg

Carbs: 75g

Sugar: 7g

I was more surprised to know the nachos (ranging from 500-800 calories) would be less than this sandwich.


Bacon Spinach with White Sauce (1 slice)

Calories: 420

Total Fat: 19g

Sodium: 950mg

Carbs: 38g

Sugar: 2g

Damn you, bacon, for being so irresistible...

Italian Calzone

Calories: 805

Total Fat: 37g

Sodium: 2230mg

Carbs: 72g

Sugar: 11g

All calzones are over 600 calories. Why must all the good things in life be bad to you?

Einstein Bros Bagels

Italian Chicken Tostini

Calories: 850

Total Fat: 37g

Sodium: 2190mg

Carbs: 72g

Sugar: 1g

At least the bagel sandwiches aren't nearly as bad as the croissant sandwiches at Sandwich Factory.

Tacos To-Go Grill

Carne Asada Taco Salad

Calories: 1440

Total Fat: 100g

Sodium: 2520mg

Carbs: 77g

Sugar: 5g

What was ironic to me was that this salad was high in calories more than any burrito/nachos/bowl on the menu.


Sausage Breakfast Burrito

Calories: 880

Total Fat: 52g

Sodium: 1840mg

Carbs: 53g

Sugar: 2

Technically calories don't count when you're munching/drenching out after a late night, right?

All in all, you'll see me nowhere but the gym for the next several months, trying to shed the extra pounds I gained from campus food. But hey, we're all in this together.

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