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    If I'm being completely honest, my "writing" career started when I was about ten years old. I was an avid player of Club Penguin and spent a majority of my time on Yahoo Answers trying to find hacks (obviously my time was well spent). As I spent more time on Yahoo Answers, I became obsessed with answering other people's questions too. Then I started getting voted "Best Answer" and receiving replies such as "Wow! What a well thought out answer, thank you so much!" So there I was, 10 year old Natalie Truong, sitting in my penguin footie pajamas, sipping on my Capri-Sun, writing intellectually stimulating responses to random people over Yahoo. Since then, I've realized my love for writing. Many people's reactions when they hear me say I'm an English major is "Ew, why?" or "Wow, you're insane!" but really, english is a beautiful thing. Being an English major allows me to read and write for a grade, like come on, Jane Austen novels over Calculus any day! Now I'm not oblivious to the snide comments every English (or really any Liberal Arts major) receives, "That major is so easy" or "Where's the money in that?" Easy? Writing is an art. Writers are given the opportunity to paint pictures in their readers' minds through sensory details, evoke actual emotions, and leave a lasting impact. Writing is much more than a bunch of black letters against a white paper. It's brought to life by the colorful imagination behind every writer. And money? Well, I don't see anybody complaining about the five pounds JK Rowling makes every second.

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