Six years ago, I stepped onto campus for the first time as a confused, anxious, and excited freshman. I didn’t know where a bathroom was, much less my classes.

And it honestly seems unreal that I graduated two years ago.

High school was a good four years, but I’m confident it wasn’t the best four years of my life.

My high school was incredible. I learned so much about actual school subjects, but also about life in general.

I made memories that I will treasure for a lifetime. I remember football game days and spring break baseball tournaments like they were yesterday.

I would never trade any of the long hours studying or prom pictures for anything in this world.

High school was wonderful.

High school was enjoyable.

High school was for me, but I don’t miss it.

I was never somebody who hated going to school. Of course, waking up at 6 am daily wasn’t ideal, but I didn’t mind. I didn’t hate my classes and my teachers were incredible. I enjoyed learning. I was involved in many clubs and extracurricular activities; I never had a hard time finding a way to be busy- I had my niche.

But looking back, I wouldn’t do it again if I could.

High school is a special time in life, but I believe God has so much more in store for His children than drama and superficial relationships. There is a season for everything, and soon, this season will be long behind you.

Obviously, I’m not much wiser than I was 6 years ago, or even 2 years ago when I graduated, but I have learned that people put way more emphasis on high school than need-be.

Definitely, enjoy your four years- you have to go, so you should live it up while you’re there. BUT please don’t think that life only goes downhill from there.

You won’t see half of these people after these four years.

You won’t remember your class rank.

Your ACT score won’t have any weight.

A friend of mine went to a four-year university as a freshman in college, and when they were introducing themselves in class, her professor asked her class to describes themselves. One girl, in particular, went on and on about how she was cheerleading captain, homecoming queen, etc. Her professor stopped her and said, “Well you’re not in high school anymore.”

Being out of high school has taught me these things, and I definitely wish I would’ve realized them a little earlier.

After high school, there are opportunities galore that await you. A college education, an incredible career, and a schedule that isn’t bound by an eight-hour school day.

Take tons of pictures.

Value the opportunity to receive an education.

Be on time (or 30 minutes late, then get breakfast).

Buy every t-shirt possible, then never wear them again.

Go all out for your senior prom.

Make cupcakes & bring Powerade for the baseball team.

Stay up late studying.

Make genuine conversation with the girl sitting alone at lunch.

Go on every field trip, even if it’s lame.

Use SparkNotes instead of reading the actual book. But read books.

Don’t just memorize- actually learn something.

Take advice from your instructors- they know best.

Go to every pep rally.

Enjoy football Friday nights, because one day, it’ll be over.

It’ll be over, and it may be a little emotional, but we serve a God whose best is not behind us.