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15 Things I Wish I Could Tell my High School Self

Put. Down. The. Eyeliner.


When you're in college, everything changes. Your style, the way you act, your friend group, the way you study, and everything in between. High school was a simpler time and I took that for granted. I never realized how much I needed an older sibling or friend to give me advice until I look back on things now and laugh at myself. There are just a few things I wish I could tell myself and maybe some of my memories wouldn't be so cringy and embarrassing. Here I am today, 6 years from when I began high school and I am ready to give my old self a bit of a pep talk. I have a feeling a good amount of you will be able to relate.

1. Go ahead and give into the Nike shorts/large t-shirt look.

I know you want to wear those Miss Me jeans and a v-neck from Target desperately but trust me, you're going to be sweaty as hell by 3rd period and your jeans hurt my eyes. Give into the lazy look, literally no one cares except for you.

2. Please put your phone down for 5 minutes.

Nothing is more obnoxious than thinking about how often I was on my phone during class. Classes are less than an hour and that boy you're Snapchatting can wait, okay? Please find your chill.

3. Study for your test ahead of time.

The times of cramming are over in college. There is truly no way to study all night long and genuinely retain that knowledge for longer than 24 hours. So go ahead and make better study habits before you graduated and your college exams won't stress you out as much.

4. Your high school friends aren't forever.

Enjoy your time with all of your friends. People grow as they get older and that's okay, it's a part of life. Always make time for those you love the most and if distance or change becomes a reason to separate, then let it happen. College is a time to get close to those in such a short amount of time, they end up feeling like lifelong friends.

5. Your mom will always be your best friend.

Tell Mom where you are at all times. She only wants to know for your safety. She loves you and she is not lame. You are going to appreciate how close you are now and even more when you're older.

6. Random lazy nights with your girls are the best.

Yes everyone loves a good bonfire or tailgate (#JustTallyThings), but some of the best memories you have involved your closest girls and movie nights. Appreciate the times you get to share secrets, listen to music, and just hang out. When they move away for college, it is what you'll miss the most.

7. It isn't lame to try.

So many times you were too scared to try because you thought you would fail. Well, here I am 6 years later wishing I had put more effort into being more outgoing and risky when I had more opportunities right in front of me.

8. Just because someone shows you attention, doesn't mean their intentions are good.

Some people don't care about your well-being. They care about themselves and what they feel they can get from you. Understand that ahead of time and always trust your instinct. Pro Tip: Your friends and mom can spot fake people before you can.

9. Stop being mean.

Arguing with your dad about dumb stuff and storming up to your room is a waste of time. Take a step back and realize that the only thing he wants for you is happiness and success.

10. Ditching your friends to hang with a boy is a big no-no.

Boys come and go, your girls will be there forever. Always keep them a priority and learn how to balance the two. Sometimes it's difficult but don't lose sight of the fact that they have been there through everything and he just showed up in the picture.

11. New friends aren't necessarily better friends.

Nothing is more exciting than making a new friend. You get to share new memories, new traditions, new life experiences. But your old friends are just as important. You have to make time for both no matter what. Dropping old friends for the new ones is the worst feeling for everyone involved.

12. Stop worrying about what everyone thinks.

You can't please everyone and no one will like you if you're fake. Keeping being your most genuine self and know that some people will love you for that. Those are the ones to keep around.

13. Let loose.

Be goofy and know that lots of things in life are embarrassing. Be carefree and embrace the moments in life that will make your face red and your body laugh harder than ever before.

14. Get into a gym.

College weight gain is going to hit you like a ton of bricks. That's all I have to say about that.

15. Be intentional and kind always.

Smile at everyone, avoid being quick to judge and make the ones in your life happy with every chance. You will never regret being nice to those around you. People will never forget that one time you made their day brighter.

No matter who you were in high school, what you looked like, or what you did, it will always get better. People are constantly changing and evolving in ways that make them seem unrecognizable to those who used to know them. I'm hoping that even though you aren't in high school anymore, you can apply 1 or 2 of these in your daily life. Little changes can make a world of a difference. Today is a new day to be better than yesterday.

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