Thoughts Of A High School Senior Vs. A College Senior

Any soon-to-be college senior will agree, entering the final stage of "the best four years of your life" is pretty dang intimidating. In high school, being a senior meant you ruled the school; every student looked forward to the day that their reign as a senior finally began. In college, it's a different story. Ever since we've been college freshmen, we remember looking at the current seniors and pitying them for the little time they had left in this glorious bubble of life. Well, unfortunately, our time has finally come. So this goes out to my fellow incoming college seniors: good luck to us all.

HS Senior: Finally, we're the kings of the school! Bow down measly freshman!

College Senior: If any freshman want to switch places, hit me up....seriously.

HS Senior: Ugh, can't believe my parents are making me work this summer. I have to do three whole shifts a week at the ice cream shop, so unfair.

College Senior: Someone PLEASE hire me for a 9-5 when I graduate. Please.

HS Senior: 18! I can get a tat and buy a lotto ticket and go to adult jail!

College Senior: 21! 21! 21! Let's hit the bars y'all!

HS Senior: Can't wait to be free of the 'rents!

College Senior: Mom, Dad, are you sure you don't want to move in with me to my new apartment?

HS Senior: Senior year is so easy I barely have to try!

College Senior: My GPA is what?! Alright library, looks like I'm moving in.

HS Senior: Ugh, free time is so boring. I've been home for a whole hour, I need to do something! You only live once!

College Senior: A whole hour of free time?! Wow I must be dreaming, Netflix, here I come!

HS Senior: Let's go out to eat! Let's go shopping!

College Senior: Hmmm... How can I make this 20 dollars last me for three weeks?

HS Senior: Woohoo! So close to being done, can't wait to blow this Popsicle stand!

College Senior: Please, please, PLEASE don't make me leave.

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