I’m The College Girl Who *Doesn’t* Have High School Friends I Need To Reconnect With
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I’m The College Girl Who *Doesn’t* Have High School Friends I Need To Reconnect With

I am living in the present.

I’m The College Girl Who *Doesn’t* Have High School Friends I Need To Reconnect With

Casual coffee with someone you haven't spoken to since you walked, high school reunions, or grabbing a beer with a "friend" you went to lunch with like three times — count me out.

If you weren't close enough to stay in touch over the years, what makes you think meeting up for coffee won't be awkward as hell?

People who are overly excited to reconnect with people who they had a couple classes with are wild. High school is this weird time when you're not sure what your core values and interests are.

You're basically just a blob of a person trying to navigate hormones, social media, and algebra.

There is only a small pool for you to pick your friends from and while some are lucky enough to make lifelong friends, most are just temporary. We eventually grow up and grow apart.

So why are there suddenly people who are dying to see how I am doing when we maybe talked five times in high school?

I am not one of those high school graduates who suddenly feels the need to reconnect with every person I ever went to school with. I am not talking your actual friends from high school.

I am talking about the people you didn't give a rat's ass about back then.

College is the time to make new friends, discover new identities and create a plan for your future. Don't get stuck trying to catch up with everyone you ever spoke with in high school.

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