Hermann Kreimann talks about the importance of tech education for K-12 students
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Hermann Kreimann talks about the importance of tech education for K-12 students

Hermann Kreimann thinks that there needs to be more investment into competitive robotics.

Hermann Kreimann talks about the importance of tech education for K-12 students

Hermann Kreimann thinks that there needs to be more investment into competitive robotics.

Kreimann currently runs a robotics company in the state of California and has served in various capacities through the course of his illustrious career. He's the cofounder and commissioner of the US Engineering League, a national organizer for the prestigious World Robot Olympiad USA as well as a war veteran deployed to Sadr city during the Iraq war.

Having vast exposure and experience from participating in various international robotics tournaments and events, Kreimann feels that current US teams have a lot of ground to cover.

Kreimann feels that the US, home to Silicon Valley and leading business and tech companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook among others should not lag behind when it comes to the rapidly expanding arena of robotics.

His experience tells a different story.

"When we go to international competitions, teams from countries such as Russia, China. Germany, Hong Kong, South Korea and Thailand usually perform really well, but our robotics teams struggle."

He thinks robotics is not seen as a priority by the US school system and consequently doesn't attract as much investment as it should. As schools tend to focus on basic education such as reading, writing and mathematics other activities are pushed to after school hours.

Kreimann sees this as a problem and believes that robotics and technology should be introduced to children as early as kindergarten. The tech entrepreneur believes that being relegated to an extracurricular activity takes away from its importance.

"I think that's doing a disservice to a lot of our kids that are in elementary and junior high."

According to Kreimann, by the time the kids get to high school it's too late for many of them to shift gears even if they have an interest in science and technology.

"When kids that play traditional sports when they are younger get into high school, the first thing they sign up for is sports programs. I think it's because they feel that they're good at it as they've been doing that activity their entire lives."

The veteran soldier believes that all elementary schools should have regular technology classes.

He also believes that parents need to realize that the most logical way for students to be successful in life is through an education.

"The field of science, technology, engineering and robotics are here to stay and we're only going to see more growth in these sectors."

"A student is more likely to become an engineer than a professional athlete," says Kreimann.

A former football coach, Kreimann thinks a lot of American parents are focused on sports but need to balance it with science programs.

He believes that children should be habituated to be just as proud of their academic accomplishments as they are of the awards, trophies, and medals from physical accomplishments in sports.

"If more parents, companies and schools really celebrated academic achievements like they do for sports, then the quality of our teams are bound to improve internationally," says Kreimann.

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