The Healthy Life Is A Good Life

The Healthy Life Is A Good Life

Your health should be a priority.

Recently I have noticed so many people prioritizing loving your body the way it is and focusing on not comparing yourself to others. This is fantastic. No one should feel inferior because of their physical appearance.

However, there is a difference in doing this and ignoring health completely. Being healthy and loving the body you have does not mean eating whatever you want, whenever you want, in whatever quantity you want, while not exercising. It means having a balanced diet, focusing on being healthy but letting yourself cheat every now and then. Life is too short to not have brownies, ice cream, french fries, mac & cheese, etc. In addition to the way you eat, exercising is extremely important. I do not mean going to the gym until you have a thigh gap or running miles on miles every day... I just mean doing something active at around three or four days a week. Getting your heart rate up is important for your health. You can run, jog, walk, speed walk, elliptical, bike, swim, lift, kickbox, do yoga, etc. In order to lead a healthy and long life, you have to get active.

What I think is important for having good body image is working out so YOU feel good. Not about how you look. It can be about how you look if you are looking to gain muscle and tone. It should NOT be about working towards being as skinny as you can be. If you are eating mainly healthy and exercising a few times a week, you are doing amazing! Do not worry if some people do the same as you and look different than you. Focus on yourself. Worry about yourself. Everyone is different.

Leading a healthy lifestyle can make you happier and will lead to a longer life. So go for a hike with your friends and see some amazing views, ride your bike tomorrow morning and see the sights, go for a jog and feel proud of yourself, feel like a badass while kickboxing, or hit the gym and post an Instagram or Snapchat story to show off! Whatever you do, do it well, with passion, and be motivated by a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Happy health hunting!

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To The Coach Who Took Away My Confidence

You had me playing in fear.
"The road to athletic greatness is not marked by perfection, but the ability to constantly overcome adversity and failure."

As a coach, you have a wide variety of players. You have your slow players, your fast players. You have the ones that are good at defense. You have the ones that are good at offense. You have the ones who would choose to drive and dish and you have the ones that would rather shoot the three. You have the people who set up the plays and you have the people who finish them. You are in charge of getting these types of players to work together and get the job done.

Sure, a coach can put together a pretty set of plays. A coach can scream their head off in a game and try and get their players motivated. A coach can make you run for punishment, or they can make you run to get more in shape. The most important role of a coach, however, is to make the players on their team better. To hopefully help them to reach their fullest potential. Players do make mistakes, but it is from those mistakes that you learn and grow.

To the coach the destroyed my confidence,

You wanted to win, and there was nothing wrong with that. I saw it in your eyes if I made a mistake, you were not too happy, which is normal for a coach. Turnovers happen. Players miss shots. Sometimes the girl you are defending gets past you. Sometimes your serve is not in bounds. Sometimes someone beats you in a race. Sometimes things happen. Players make mistakes. It is when you have players scared to move that more mistakes happen.

I came on to your team very confident in the way that I played the game. Confident, but not cocky. I knew my role on the team and I knew that there were things that I could improve on, but overall, I was an asset that could've been made into an extremely great player.

You paid attention to the weaknesses that I had as a player, and you let me know about them every time I stepped onto the court. You wanted to turn me into a player I was not. I am fast, so let me fly. You didn't want that. You wanted me to be slow. I knew my role wasn't to drain threes. My role on the team was to get steals. My role was to draw the defense and pass. You got mad when I drove instead of shot. You wanted me to walk instead of run. You wanted me to become a player that I simply wasn't. You took away my strengths and got mad at me when I wasn't always successful with my weaknesses.

You did a lot more than just take away my strengths and force me to focus on my weaknesses. You took away my love for the game. You took away the freedom of just playing and being confident. I went from being a player that would take risks. I went from being a player that was not afraid to fail. Suddenly, I turned into a player that questioned every single move that I made. I questioned everything that I did. Every practice and game was a battle between my heart and my head. My heart would tell me to go to for it. My heart before every game would tell me to just not listen and be the player that I used to be. Something in my head stopped me every time. I started wondering, "What if I mess up?" and that's when my confidence completely disappeared.

Because of you, I was afraid to fail.

You took away my freedom of playing a game that I once loved. You took away the relaxation of going out and playing hard. Instead, I played in fear. You took away me looking forward to go to my games. I was now scared of messing up. I was sad because I knew that I was not playing to my fullest potential. I felt as if I was going backward and instead of trying to help me, you seemed to just drag me down. I'd walk up to shoot, thinking in my head, "What happens if I miss?" I would have an open lane and know that you'd yell at me if I took it, so I just wouldn't do it.

SEE ALSO: The Coach That Killed My Passion

The fight to get my confidence back was a tough one. It was something I wish I never would've had to do. Instead of becoming the best player that I could've been, I now had to fight to become the player that I used to be. You took away my freedom of playing a game that I loved. You took away my good memories in a basketball uniform, which is something I can never get back. You can be the greatest athlete in the world, but without confidence, you won't go very far.

Cover Image Credit: Christina Silies

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21 Weird Things From Amazon You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

15. Instant Underpants.


These things are straight up odd. But they are pure gold and you need all of them.

1. Beer Gut Fanny Pack

Dad Bods are all the rage! Now you can have one, too!

3. Indoor Artificial Grass

In case you want the outdoors without the outdoors.

4. Professional Pumpkin Carving Tool Set

Because Halloween is the most important holiday.

5. Hidden Camera Sunglasses

Perhaps you could take people-watching to the max?

6. Full-Body Bathtub Pillow

You know, for the days when there's no time for a shower because naps are life. Just nap in the bathtub?

7. Rocket Copters

For the moments you just need to be a kid and shoot a paper helicopter thingy into the sky.

8. Inflatable & Portable Air Sofa

Did you just walk halfway across campus and you need a nap? Inflate your bed.

Is it pouring down rain and you'd rather float back to your apartment? Inflate your bed.

9. Chair Socks

Because chairs get cold feet???

11. Poop Emoji Soap

But…what does it smell like?

12. Too Cool To Do Drugs Tank Top

If these pencils are real…please don't sharpen them.

14. Yodeling Pickle

It's a pickle. It yodels. What's not to love?

15. Instant Underpants

In case you need underpants in a pinch!

16. Coin-Stealing Panda Bear Bank

It's adorable and it saves you from spending all your money on alcohol. You need this.

17. Napsack Sleep Hood

Take a nap anywhere you like. Class. Work. Park bench.

18. Mini Desktop Fridge

I don't know how something so tiny keeps a drink sufficiently cold but I want it.

20. Bullshit Button

This one is legit. Everyone needs a bullshit button.

21. I Do What I Want Coffee Mug

Last but not least… Everything about this coffee mug is great.

Please note that all items are in stock as of the time of publication. As an Amazon Associate, Odyssey may earn a portion of qualifying sales.

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