21 Goals for 2021 That are Actually Realistic
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21 Goals for 2021 That are Actually Realistic

I am not here to tell you to lose weight, read more, and travel often. What I am here to communicate with you stems from my own journey through 2020 and the chaotic energy it left me with.

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For starters, acknowledge your wins, your promotions, celebrations, and the goals you actually completed. Personally, for me, it was the opportunity to write for three separate platforms. I have grown in all aspects as a student journalist because of this. Next, think of the losses, bad days (or months), the trial and errors, and how you learned/grew from these. These are going to be different for everyone. Respectfully, I want to say how proud I am of how you were able to come out of that. So, now that you thought about the good and the bad, the wins and the losses, let us look for the future.

1. Smile at yourself and at those around you (even with the mask on).

We often forget to be kind to ourselves, that we end up not smiling at others. With our current mask situation, even if they cannot physically see your smile, through your eyes they will.

2. Nourish your body the best way you are capable of.

Forget the diets and learn to nourish your body the way it should be. It will look different for everyone because we are all built differently.

3. Stick to your daily, weekly, and monthly personal goals.

This helps you stay on track in all senses. I know for a while, 2020 did not help me get things done. Write those goals down.

4. Appreciate yourself more.

Tell yourself each morning and night, how you appreciated what you did for yourself. For example, I would tell myself, " I appreciate how I was able to tackle today with a healthy amount of work and breaks."

5. Practice compassion.

After this year (and even before) make this always a mantra. It is so needed a little extra, each given day.

6. Accept your flaws for all they are and stop speaking so negatively about them.

This one is hard, for me, too, but I know that if I can pick five things every day that I like about me, both mentally and physically, it'll outweigh the bad.

7. Take all and none of the pictures you want.

For me, I want to be off the "radar" for 2021. I will not grant access to anyone but maybe five people. That is setting boundaries. But I want to be able to document my private moments. So snap away or hide your phone!

8. Seek help always, and do not be ashamed of it.

Surprisingly, there are still people who have not done this for themselves. I want to intervene and let you know that someone is willing to listen. It will help. Do it for yourself.

9. Call your favorite family member once a month.

I like to call my older sister once a month, if not three times, when possible. It helps me reconnect with her, since we are long-distance, and we did not see each other this year.

10. Pick a day of the week and make it your mindfulness day.

Thursdays are usually my mindful days where I write down my current mental state. I try to make it as honest, precise, and appropriate for myself to read later. I like to read my journal months later, but I make sure that I write in it (or my cell) once a week.

11. Listen to new music.

I have listened to over 400 new artists this past year, thanks to Apple Music - sorry Spotify fans. I really enjoyed all the new music I listened to, plus it helped me get through those tough days.

12. Watch your favorite movie or read your favorite book once a month.

I know, I said I was not going to tell you what to read, but I am a writer. I am going to tell you to sharpen your vocabulary. Sorry, not sorry.

13. Try something new out for 14 days straight.

I did a two-week spa retreat (in my own home). Everyday I would do something to help my body and it helped me through finals week. I felt more relaxed and not as overwhelmed.

14. Unfollow and unfriend people you have not talked to in a year or more.

I went from 713 friends on Facebook to 200 friends. I was tired of granting access to people I don't even talk to. I know that in mid-June I will do another "detox," so try it out. You feel a shift in the air.

15. Stop opening, answering, and allowing that person to contact you.

You already know which person it is, let them go.

16. Exercise because you can, not because of the number on the scale.

Let us stop shoving body positivity on the timeline, and let us be more body neutral. Accept your body and appreciate it for what it already does. *Cue Body by Megan Thee Stallion*

17. Cry. Scream. Run.

There will be bad days in this upcoming year, so why suppress those emotions. Do what you have to do, but don't forget you're human, too. We all have the worst days, but it's better to let out a cry... Than to hold it in.

18. Boost your self esteem.

You are the one. You are doing it the best. You are capable of getting it. Play your favorite song, blast that every day, and say your daily affirmations.

19. Forgive more.

Let us not hold onto things that don't help us grow. People, places, or things that have not benefited us for the best version of ourselves.

20. Laugh loudly and unapologetically.

Let your laughter fill the room, Zoom sessions, or whatever. It is a blessing to live and a bigger blessing to live with laughter.

21. Feel everything, anything, and nothing.

Whether it may be joy, sadness or anger feel it all. 2021 brings new journeys, goals, skills, and hope. Feel it all. It is okay to do so.

Wishing you the best year both mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually. We made it out, let's continue to celebrate life.

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