Can somebody please tell me what exactly a "beach body" is?

Whenever summertime is right around the corner, the media seems to completely overwhelm the world with its tips and tricks to get everyone "summer ready". Something I've seen a lot of-- whether it's on the cover of a magazine or in a video made by a popular YouTuber -- is 'How to get that "beach body" that everyone wants'. The way the media depicts a "beach body" is usually a beautiful, tan, and fairly fit girl or guy. My question is-- what makes that specific body type a "beach body"? What gives the media the right to shove this idea into our brains telling us that this is the only ideal body type? I'm sick and tired of the media altering people's views of themselves and affecting people's view of reality.

I'm sure you've heard this a million times, but nothing you see in the media is one hundred percent authentic. Everyone has flaws, the media has just gotten very good at hiding them. We all have to learn to embrace our flaws and radiate the confidence we have in ourselves. Of course, that's a lot easier said than done. This is why I wanted to give you a few of my own tips and tricks on how to get a "beach body".

1. Have a body (that's on the beach)!

Yep! It's as simple as that! Just take your confident-self to the beach and 'BAM!', you'll have the perfect beach body! Last time I checked, if you had a body, and you're at the beach, that's considered a "beach body". But of course our messed up society has twisted the words into something that seems a little bit more "perfect" in their eyes. Due to the photoshopping we see in the media, people's views of themselves begin to change. But how can we compare ourselves to something that isn't even real. According to Forbes, only five percent of American women have the body type typically associated with an "ideal" woman's body size seen in advertisements. Five percent! If this isn't proof that the media needs to change their expectations then I don't know what is. There has been some small changes in the type of people the media represents but it’s still not a complete transformation that I’m hoping for. It’s our responsibility to show the media and the rest of the world that people of any size, age, race, etc. can be just as confident as anyone else they have on the front cover of a magazine. Remember that you are a beautifully unique person and nothing should stand in the way of you and an amazing day at the beach.

Here are a few more tips to ensure that you feel awesome during your day at the beach!

2. Be a little healthy

Start your day off with a big, healthy breakfast! Eating healthier meals makes you feel better throughout the day. The more we fill up our bodies with garbage, the more we feel like garbage. If you’re living a healthy life and eating what you should be, that’s the perfect base for building your self confidence. In addition to a good meal, include a little bit of physical activity into your day. By including some sort of physical activity into your life, you’ll feel accomplished and proud of what you’re doing, therefore boosting your self confidence! Of course this isn’t completely necessary, but I’ve tested every one of these tips and I can guarantee that they’ve helped me!

3. Give yourself a pep talk

As cheesy as this sounds, sit yourself down, maybe even stand in front of a mirror, and remind yourself how amazing you really are! Remind yourself that you are a strong, confident person and that no one is going to tear you down today. Sometimes we are our harshest critics and hearing a few words of inspiration from yourself is just the confidence boost you’ve needed.

4. Finding the Perfect Outfit

A lot of times, the media associates the beach with extremely skimpy bikinis and they aggressively promote ways to become “bikini ready”. But who says that’s our only option for the beach? I say that you should wear what you feel comfortable and confident in! Whether or not it’s a bikini (or even a swimsuit at all) shouldn’t matter! Feeling good in what you’re wearing will boost your confidence and believe me, other people around you will definitely notice and be drawn to your confidence. A person’s confidence and the way they carry themselves can be so beautiful. Walk on to that beach with your head held high and remember that you’re unstoppable.

Having a “beach body” means having your confident self, lying in a beach chair (preferably with a fruity drink in hand) watching the waves out ahead. Don’t pay attention to the media's’ high expectations for men and women. A majority of people are all on the same boat and we all feel a little insecure every once in awhile. But remember, that we’re all beautifully unique and that you have so much to offer this world. Don’t let ant amount of insecurity hold you back from enjoying your life. Get out there and enjoy your summer the way you’ve always wanted to. If you’ve had insecurities holding you back from accomplishing something then this is your sign to let go of those insecurities and be completely free. The world will become an even more beautiful place if you learn to love yourself and embrace everyone else’s differences around you. Now is the time to become a confident human being and finally get a truly perfect “beach body”.