The series of Harry Potter is arguably one of the most influential stories of our time.

From forming a community, making every audience member believe (s)he could be a wizard, elaborate costumes, hidden plot secrets, language, LGBTQ+ visibility, shining a light on mental health, mystical creatures, and links to the real world, Harry Potter has become a beloved story of the millennial generation.

This perplexing tale has enriched millions of millennials—so much so that many people have never known a world without Harry Potter. With a generation that thrives on nostalgic throwbacks (just look at people's reactions to the Jonas Brothers getting back together), the story of the boy who lived is the ultimate childhood pillar. Moreover, such people will encourage their children to read the books and watch the movies as they grow up, allowing Harry Potter to live on forever. After all, nothing could ever beat a lazy, sluggish Sunday afternoon binge-watching the beloved series.

The series portrays essential values that every person must possess to become successful in life. For example, bravery is shown by Harry killing Voldemort and loyalty is shown by Snape protecting Harry. Moreover, most importantly, the story heavily focuses on the importance of one trusting their own instincts.

Furthermore, it is hard to believe J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" was first published on June 26th, 1997 while the film first premiered on November 16th, 2001.

Since then we have learned a lot from Harry and the gang since those early days. Each character in the Harry Potter series has taught fans an unforgettable life lesson. That said, if people acknowledge and understand these lessons, they can triumph over any obstacle they face in life.

Here is a list of 28 of my favorite life lessons:

​1. Severus Snape taught us that heroes can hide in the most unlikely of places.

2. Harry Potter taught us there are causes worth dying for, but none worth killing for.

3. Ron Weasley taught us that you can overcome your lack of confidence if you believe in yourself.

4. Arthur Weasley taught us that curiosity is a good thing.

5. Neville Longbottom taught us that only the biggest adversities will reveal your true-self.

6. Hagrid taught us that outside appearances can sometimes hide the most beautiful things.

7. Lord Voldemort taught us that a life without love is barely living.

8. Albus Dumbledore taught us that great knowledge is attained with great pain.

Remus Lupin taught us that even a lone wolf can find love.

10. Draco Malfoy taught us that most people are not born evil.

11. Gellert Grindelwald taught us that power can and will corrupt you, if you let it.

12. Sirius Black taught us that the ones we truly love never leave us.

13. Bellatrix Lestrange taught us that obsession will rot your mind and lead you to madness.

14. Dobby taught us to cherish freedom.

15. Hermione Granger taught us that reading can save your life.

16. Cho Chang taught us that your first love might not be your last. But that's okay.

17. Molly Weasley taught us that a loving wife and devoted mother can also kick ass!

18. Ginny Weasley taught us that bold is beautiful.

19. Peter Pettigrew taught us that spineless people will always turn on you.

20. Lily Potter taught us that there is nothing stronger than a mother's love.

21. Lucius Malfoy taught us that money will only let you choose your form of misery.

22. Dolores Umbridge taught us that education should never have a political agenda.

23. Luna Lovegood taught us that we should celebrate our individuality. It's okay to be weird.

24. Fred & George Weasley taught us that most of the time, all you need is a good laugh.

25. Sybill Trelawney taught us that you can always change your future.

26. Percy Weasley taught us that family will always be there for you. ​

27. The Dursleys taught us that imagination is a necessity.

28. Kreacher taught us that "if you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals."