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"We're you wearing short shorts?" "Was your shirt too low cut?" "We're you asking for it?" "Did you say no?". These are just a few of the questions that women are asked when they come forward. As women, we are expected to act, sit, and talk a certain way and we are taught this at a very young age. "Don't speak your opinion" "Oh don't worry that little boy just has a crush on you, that's why he hit you'. When are we going start accepting women's rights and stop putting the blame on them?

As a college woman, I have noticed more of the comments and actions that are made against me. Just the other day I was outside taking pictures with one of my sorority sisters and a car full of immature boys drove by and said, "get your fat asses inside, you fat bitches". I am not going to lie, this hurt, I would not think that what a stranger yelled out at me would make me feel so bad about myself, but it did. In that moment I was just frozen because I could not believe that someone so shallow would call out to a woman like that.

Now, I know what those boys yelled out to me was not true because I know my worth and I am a strong, beautiful, and confident woman, but that does not mean that those words hurt. This is just some of what women have to go through daily. There are much more worse scenarios than what I had, but the fact that I am even having to write this article right now about harassment is a shame to society.

I know that some will say that what some of us, women, experience is not "classified" as harassment, but according to the WomensHealth magazine "harassment is any unwelcome behavior or comments made by one person to another"(WomensHealth.gov) and that comment made at me was very unwelcome. So if a woman tells you no, that means no and you stop, if a women tells you that it's harassment, then you shut up and learn about it.

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