My Key To Happiness Was To Stop Caring

A few days ago at work, there was a woman sitting at the bar. She was telling me about her love life and how she did not know what to do about these certain people in her life. She continued to ask me what I thought about her and I asked her to tell me about herself, not the people around her. No joke, the first thing she told me was what her zodiac sign was.

First problem: over-analyzing EVERYTHING.

I wanted to stop her and say, "Lady, I have no idea how that has anything to do with who you are because I do even know what time frame that puts your birthday in". After putting together a few things she told me, I soon realized, she was letting others opinions dictate her happiness.

I use to be the same way, I am trying to change that problem now.

A year ago, I would have probably been in the same place as this women. But within the last few months, I really have kind of just said, "F*** it."

Let me set the record straight: I'm not saying that my love life is a free for all or non-existent... but who cares about others opinion, my opinion should really be the only one that matters. I am also not saying that I don't wonder "does so and so actually have feelings for me."

But my state of mind has shifted. Instead of analyzing the punctuation of a text or the tone in someone's voice, I simply have just been taking things literally. I have decided to live in the moment.

So instead of wondering if a person is going to accept what I am doing, I just do what I want.

I keep asking myself if I am happy at that moment, if I say yes, then so be it.

The material things within the dating world do not matter anymore to me and it seems to be working out for the best.

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