Happiness, It's Seven Steps Away
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Happiness, It's Seven Steps Away

Frown Less, Smile More

Happiness, It's Seven Steps Away

Happiness is right around the corner each and every day. The only person or force holding you back from feeling happiness is always yourself. Life can get difficult and repetitive. How you cope with those difficult times defines who you are and typically what type of mood you will be in. There’s a way to help you overcome these difficult times and keep you in that beautiful positive mood – listed below are seven things that you can easily do to be happier.

1. Think Less, Feel More

We always tend to overthink, some worse than others. Some get into a situation and tend to think too far into it instead of going with their gut. Simple, you are the best you that will ever live. Only you know how you truly feel and often your first instinct or your “gut feeling” is often what path you truly want to take. Often overthinking will lead to you questioning if you can finish a task, talk to the person you like, or take that leap of faith to better your life. Go with how you feel more often rather than letting you convince yourself that you are too incompetent to do something you desire.

2. Frown Less, Smile More

Putting on a smile at the beginning of the day is important. Putting off good vibes attracts good vibes. Having positive and happy people in your life can help a lot and having a smile on your face helps invite them closer to you. Just like you can put off good vibes and receive good vibes you can attract bad vibes. You bring into you what you put out. You look gloomy and depressed then you will draw those that feel the same towards you and it will only worsen your mood. Try sticking a smile on your beautiful face and watch more positive souls be drawn towards you.

3. Talk Less, Listen More

Ever get annoyed by that one person or friend who never shuts up? Don’t think you have that problem? Then you are that person or friend and you need to quiet down once in a while. The world is a wonderful place if you take a second and quiet down. Never stop talking and you may miss a critical piece of information or experience that would help you get through a situation. You can find peace if you just listen more, and lots of times people miss something critical because they cannot be quiet.

4. Judge Less, Accept More

Everyone is different; get that through your head. The sooner you can accept others and their flaws, is the sooner you can accept your own. This step cannot get any more simple, people will think differently from you, look differently, and even have different hobbies and interests. You are the best you that will ever live, they are the best them that will ever live. Having hate in your heart for others that aren’t like you is the sure fire way to ruin yourself. It takes no effort to live with the fact that people are different from you and sooner you accept it the sooner you cab get on with your life and happiness.

5. Watch Less, Do More

Enjoy watching surfing videos? People go skydiving? Wish you could have an adventurous soul? Do it. The more you watch and wish then the more irritated you get when you cannot go and do the things that interest you. Life is short to live with the regret that you didn’t go on the adventures you wanted to go on. Travel, even on a budget, to experience a new type of freedom and happiness.

6. Complain Less, Appreciate More

The life you live is not a terribly hard life. You always have it better than someone else. You live in the greatest country in the world with tons of personal freedoms. Your crush didn’t text you back? Parents didn’t get you your choice of vehicle? Oh well, complaining about the material things will only depress you and wear you out. Try to say thank you more and show some appreciation, it will make others happy and in turn make you happy.

7. Fear Less, Love More

Everyone deserves to be loved, no matter who they are or what they look like. We are humans living on a rock together, love others. Don’t let fears of someone keep you from being yourself, let yourself shine. Don’t let the fear that others may not like you for who you are keep you from being who you truly are. Loving others will ultimately help you love yourself and when you love yourself and others happiness is in your reach.

Everyone has their own version of happiness and their own definition. Let your interpretation of it flow through you and follow these steps. You are the best you that will ever live, let yourself shine.

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