Is it 2007 again? The Jonas Brothers got back together, Drake and Josh is making a comeback, but what we all really want to know is if there will be a Hannah Montana reboot. Here are 7 reasons why we all need Hannah Montana back in our lives.

1. We need to know where they are now. 

If your seven-year-old self wasn't sobbing during the last episode of Hannah Montana, you were not a true fan. We all remember when Miley decided to expose her double life to pursue her college career with Lily, but where are they now? Disney Channel, we're looking for answers!


Just to hear that one more time.

3. Are Lily and Oliver still in love?

Lily and Oliver's relationship was something we didn't know we wanted, but something we absolutely needed! They were quirky, funny, and perfect in every way imaginable. Where are they now? Are they still together? Are they married? WE NEED ANSWERS.

4. We need Billy Ray Cyrus back in our lives. 

Arguably the best dad in Disney Channel history, Billy Ray Cyrus was one of the reasons why Hannah Montana was so successful. We miss his terrible dad jokes, his Southern charm, and his famous father-daughter pep talks.

5. Bangerz. 

After Miley Cyrus left her blonde wig and the Disney Channel behind, she chopped off her hair and made some... interesting choices. Miley blessed our ears with hits such as "Wrecking Ball", "We Won't Stop", and every song on the Bangerz album; however, we need more Hannah Montana songs. "Best of Both Worlds"? "See You Again"? YES PLEASE.

6. We could all use some good quality Disney lessons. 

Every episode of Hannah Montana ended with a hug and a happy ending. With shows such as Shameless, Game of Thrones and Grey's Anatomy, we could all use a heart-warming Disney Channel show.

7. Miley Cyrus has been taunting us. 

Miley Cyrus has been taunting us on social media by wearing a blonde wig and singing "Best of Both Worlds," but is a reboot actually in the works? Guess we will have to wait to see and just be happy the Jonas Brothers got back together!