Go-To Halloween Costumes Based On Your Zodiac Sign
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Go-To Halloween Costumes Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Tis the season to be spooky!

Go-To Halloween Costumes Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Halloween costumes are hard to do! Sometimes you can spend days wondering what you should be and then all of a sudden it's the day of and you still don't have a costume. Look no further, here are the perfect types of costumes based on your zodiac sign that DON'T involve anything offensive.

Aries: The Childhood Redo One


Aries are known for being young and filled with energy. Nothing says young than throwing your costume all the way back to good old 2005 and revamping a costume you did when you were young. It's even more iconic if you and your siblings come together and recreate them all to make flash forward photo!

Taurus: The No-Effort One

Being a Taurus typically means you're running around on the go with a million things to do. Halloween is approaching far too quickly, and you just can't be bothered to do something over the top and complicated. That's why DIY Costumes are the perfect costumes for you! Then can still be fun and cute, but still easy and not expensive.

Gemini: The Funny One


Gemini's always need to have the most recent, coolest, and funniest costume... and what better way to do that than to dress up as a hot meme? Memes are always coming out and there are a ton of different ones to choose from. We all have a favorite, it's not hard to fine one that resonates with you!

Cancer: The TV Show One


Cancer's always have a soft spot for things and when it comes to Halloween it's no different. For this Halloween, dress up as your favorite TV show character that really pulls at your heart strings. They're easily recognizable and also pretty easy, plus there are hundreds of different options to choose from!

Leo: The Animal One


Leo's are animals at heart, so this Halloween, bring it out and let it roar! There are a lot of animals to choose from and a lot of different variations you can go for. The options are endless, and let's be real for a second... Who wouldn't want to go out and get a comfortable animal onesie and play it off as just a Halloween costume?

Virgo: The Show Stopper One


Virgo's are the prim and proper, the best of the best. They can't take any sub-par costume.. They have to go all out and be one step above the rest. Their costumes are truly show stopping, so anything that takes some hard work and dedication is right up your alley. Try some cool makeup and let your creativity rule you.

Libra: The Group One


Libra's like to balance everyone out, so what better way to balance the group than to do a group costume? There are so many options to choose from and you can go really hard or do something simple like a DIY. So, Libras, get all your friends together and start group coordinating.

Scorpio: The Scary One


Scorpio's are always trying to one up everyone and what better way to do that then to leave everyone in the dust with how incredible their costume is. Scorpios love to be scary, so pick a costume from your favorite horror movie and hide in the shadows and get ready to spook all of your friends this Halloween.

Sagittarius: The Disney One


Sagittarius's love the classics. Disney costumes are so much fun because there's so many options to choose from and you can find a character you resonate with. You can also go all out or do the minimum and still be recognizable for who you are. Choose your favorite princess or maybe whip out something Star Wars.

Capricorn: The Blow Up One


Capricorns are the second best jokers to Geminis. They perfect costume for you guys is something silly and fun and oh yeah.. it blows up. Blow up costumes are some of the funniest at the party. Let's be real, we've all wanted those cool dinosaur blowup costumes, so if you're a Capricorn, go ahead and buy that blow up in your Amazon shopping cart.

Aquarius: The Classic One


Aquarius's like to be iconic. They don't like to be old or out with the trends so why not choose something that will forever be iconic? Witches, wizards, vampires, werewolves, goblins.. all of those are the iconic costumes you think of when you hear the word Halloween. This year make sure to be something just as cool and classic as you are, Aquarius.

Pisces:  The Fancy One


Pisces have to go all out no matter what the occasion, why should Halloween be an exception? Whip out your ballgown or your tuxedo and get ready to be the show stopper at the party. Try something steampunk or futuristic that'll blow the socks off of everyone at the party.. Oh.. and make sure to take that costume contest prize right when you walk in, you don't even have to compete.

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