Growing Your Relationship With God
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Growing Your Relationship With God

It’s easier than you think.

Growing Your Relationship With God

Growing my relationship with God is something that is super important to me. It's something I strive to do every single day and honestly, lately, I have really made it a priority. I'm so happy about that. I think there are so many ways we can go about growing closer to Him.

Reading the Bible is one of those things that isn't for everyone, and I understand that. Believing in God isn't for everyone, and I also understand that. So this isn't to say that believing in God is the only way to believe, that if you do, you have to read the Bible for 10 hours a day in order to be a "true" believer. Not at all.

I do find though, that as a believer, I personally feel my connection with God is strengthened when I make it a point to read the word every day.

There are going to be different opinions about this (again, totally fine), but I think that there are a million ways to interpret the Bible and that's amazing. It's wonderful to take the word and learn from it, apply it to your life, etc. So much you can do.

Something even cooler about the Bible and all of the books in it is that each time you go back and read a book, or even just a verse, or whatever it may be, it might read differently to you. You might take away something different each time. Or you can apply the same verse to ten different situations in your life. I really just think it's so versatile.

I used to think of reading the Bible as a chore. It's just a large book, certain versions are so hard to dissect and understand, and honestly, it just stressed me out. But now that I feel more comfortable reading it, and more used to some of the "lingo", it's a lot easier. Like everything else, it might just take a little time, patience, and practice.

Again, to each their own, and whatever makes you feel closer to God every day, do that. For me, one of those things is reading the Bible every day. Like I've preached a million times before, other things to bring you closer to God on an everyday basis could be listening to worship music, praying every morning, yoga, you name it. The options are endless.

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