10 One-Liners You've Sent To Your Best Friend Group Text
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10 One-Liners You've Sent To Your Best Friend Group Text

3. "Can you drive me to class?"

10 One-Liners You've Sent To Your Best Friend Group Text
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There are many things that I have gained since I started my college experience. I have gained many friends, a strong love for Starbucks' peach green tea lemonade, a few pounds, and an ungodly amount of group texts. While most of these group texts were from class group projects and extra-curricular activities, I have my one main group message that consists of only me and my absolute best friends. If you are anything like me and have that one group message, here are a few one-liners that you may have said in that certain group message.

1. "Have y'all eaten yet?"

I know that when I send this text or when I receive it, someone is not only hungry , but hangry. Typically this text is sent between the hours of 10 am to noon, and then again between the hours of 4 pm to 8 pm. I, however, send this text almost every hour because I am always ready to eat.

2. "Where are you guys?"

On any given night of the weekend, this text gets sent more than any other text in our group message because, for some odd reason, we always end up playing an accidental game of hide-and-seek where one person in our group gets split up and we have to ask the whole group message where they went. The game of hide-and-seek gets even more ridiculous when you guys have all been looking for each other the whole night just to find out y'all were at the same place the entire time.

3. "Can you drive me to class?

This is the text you send when you wake up at 8:53 am, your class starts at 9:00, and the last bus to campus leaves your apartment complex at 8:50.

4. "Y'all."

There are two things I know that just happened when I receive this text: either something incredibly great just happened, or something incredibly terrible just happened.

5. "I miss you guys."

Whether it's because you are all busy at school, home for breaks, or just simply not together, this text will get sent and you will all respond -in all caps- that you love and miss each other so much.

6. "Can you come do my makeup?"

This typically means that a certain someone needs help gluing fake eyelashes on themselves before they glue their eye shut. Again.

7. "Can I borrow your clothes?"

Even though y'all went shopping together and basically bought the same clothes, her clothes are still cuter and y'all will continue to swap clothing for as long as you are all alive.

8. "What are we doing this weekend?"

Because you no longer make plans for just yourself anymore, but your posse as well.

9. "Does this caption make sense?"

You ask them this question because not only will they tell you if it doesn't make sense, but they will give you a better one.

10. "I love y'all."

You have all said it a million times and you'll all say it a million more. Quite honestly, this is one of the best messages that you'll receive from this group.

These one-liners are frequently used, completely common, and never questioned by anyone in your group message. And that's just the way y'all like it.

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