An Open Letter To High School Seniors

Dear High School Seniors,

Congratulations, class of 2019!

A little more than 12 years of completing school is something worth celebrating.

Your graduation day is just around the corner and it's such a special day. Make sure to be proud of your achievements. It's not easy, being a student and balancing all those extracurricular activities all these years.

Slow down and take in the moment. I get it, you are SO ready to get out there and you're probably tired of seeing the same people every day. You're ready to move on to new and bigger things. However, don't forget this is the last day you will be in the same room filled with the class that you grew up with and the amazing teacher that has taught you to become the wise student you are today. You will only get to wear that cap and gown once. You will only get to wear those honor cords you earn once. You will only get to receive that high school diploma once. It's a day full of mix emotions so be prepare for the tears and the cheers of graduation.

You probably experienced your last football game, cheering at the student section with your friends every Friday night. You probably attend your last Prom, getting all dressed up for one night of and dancing with your best friends. You probably had a senior night dedicated to you with a team of girls or guys you've run with, defended, or played with, and bonded with ever since you could remember playing the sport. This is where you begin to realize these high school moments become memories. Everything is coming to an end, so hold onto this last moment of graduating.

Kaylee Fang

All this year, you're probably been stressing about choosing which college to attend. You might not have been accepted to the top choice school you wanted, but with whatever you decide just know there isn't a wrong choice. There is a perfect place out there for you and you're going to be so grateful for how everything turns out to be.

Spend as much time with friends and family. Being far away from each other defiantly puts a distance barrier where you won't always be there for them the way you have always have been. I can't say that you won't find yourself growing apart from each other, but I can say that you will never forget them. Your parent is probably concerned about you leaving home. Just remember they really care about you and want to know how well you are doing in college. So call them when you get the chance and try to come home often. They appreciate the effort you are making. For now, try to talk to them more and hug them often before you are too far out or reach of them.

Kaylee Fang

Now, it's time to walk across that stage and receive your diploma. For the first time, you might not know what to expect. To have to make new friends and to turn a new place into a home can be nerve-wracking. The next four years in college will be the greatest time in your life. So, here's to a new chapter in your life.


A College Student

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