3 months ago, you took me back.

You believed in us even after I left,

We loved without a care in the world.

3 years ago, I first saw you.

In your dark green shirt, crooked glasses, and curls,

Little did I know you’d become my world.

3 weeks ago, I still loved you.

I still believed that you would come back too,

Losing you took over my whole world.

Maybe time outplayed me,

Maybe it was all a test.

Maybe I’m crazy,

Or maybe we were the best.

You destroyed me:

Knocked me to the ground

And on my knees, I literally begged.

It is said:

Time heals all wounds

and I didn’t believe it

…but now I can see it

3 days ago, I missed you.

I thought back to that last time I kissed you,

how you said we’d still be friends.

You lied.

Today I see it all.

I was the one that saved me that fall…

There’s beauty in this life

And so much to learn.

For you, my heart no longer yearns.

I won’t apologize,

I won’t cry,

because it’s a good thing we said goodbye…

It was a blessing in disguise.

So, while you’re laying there

with her by your side,

I will be holding my head up with pride

going somewhere with my life.

For you I cried,

I tried

I died

Yet in the death of my old self,

A new one has come

I am stronger without you

I am happier without you

I am more confident too…

I know that always intimidated you

I am brand new

So, this is my final goodbye to you.