A Goodbye Letter To High School
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A Goodbye Letter To High School

Breakups are always tough on the heartstrings.

A Goodbye Letter To High School
Connor Beck

Dear high school,

Oh, high school. I would like to say you’ve taught me so much, more than I can imagine, but I just can’t bring myself to. Beyond the hate-hate relationship I had with you, you did provide me a couple of things. You provided me with friends who I love and care for, people who I know I’ll think of forever (and vice versa), beyond the final vision I get of them in their cap and gown. You provided me with the learning experience of coming to terms with the fact that not everything I do will be perfect, applauded or admired. You provided me with almost everything I need to know from here on out, but alas, you have not taught me how cold and cruel the world is.

High school, my now old, fading friend, our relationship is coming to an end. Soon, I will never discern your crudely painted gates again. Soon, I will never eat a mystery on a styrofoam tray ever again. Soon, I will move on to the next greatest challenge: college, and then, the real world. Soon, I won’t even be there to say goodbye.

There is so much I could tell new high school kids about high school. I want to tell them that things are great and that things are easy and that they have so much to look forward to… but I don’t want to get their hopes up. I have treaded the long path to my victory: a piece of paper in a cheap, faux leather holder, embossed with the name of the institution that has taught me so much for so long. Oh high school, how I will miss you.

It is this peril of our separation that has allowed me to finally move past the dwelling thought being stuck here forever to moving onto the future. To pursue the things I love, to finally not ask the daring question: “When I will I use this in real life?,” to no longer plead for the next day not to come.

Though it may seem as if I was miserable my entire high school career, I do not doubt the notion from others. Am I disgusted by commonplace things that have been etched on the very face of modern culture? Of course I am. I am a narcissist. Beyond the counterculture of the 2010s, Twitter, love letters and expensive perfume, I think it is finally an appropriate time for me to say goodbye to high school. Not to just the place itself, but the person I’ve become in high school, because I know ultimately I can become a much better version of myself. Though I do not know when that will happen, I am glad it was not high school.

For those of you reading this in fear and panic that you haven't had your personal peak yet, fear not. The best is yet to come. You will become beauty, grace, and everything in between. You are the example in which future generations will base themselves from. You too, will relish the moment you find yourself in, and it will be infinite, but it isn’t now. Slow down, take a breath. You’re at the end. You will find yourself doing the thing you love in a place you love and hopefully you can do it all while returning to the person you love at the end of the day only to be able to greet them again the next morning. Your time will come.

As for you, high school, I leave you now with the sentiment that I will change myself from the version of myself you have made me. I will continue to cherish those you have given me the pleasure of having in my life, but hopefully I can move on from all the things bad, ugly and in between. Hopefully one day you’ll change too, but how will I know? Think of me always, as I will always be thinking of you.


yvan sanchez

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