Good News: The Hero Of Nanjing, Claressa Shields, And Resilient Lousianians
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Good News: The Hero Of Nanjing, Claressa Shields, And Resilient Lousianians

The media tends to focus on all the negative stuff going on around the world, but there should always be some space for good news.

Good News: The Hero Of Nanjing, Claressa Shields, And Resilient Lousianians
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It's kind of overwhelming looking through the news these days. Most of the stuff on there is either terrifying or sad. While these negative events that are highlighted by the news are important, it's also necessary to include a bit of good news every now and then. And since the good things don't get as much attention, I thought I'd use my voice to bring some of them to light.

1. Chen Si, the hero of Nanjing

Chen Si has saved over 300 lives. He volunteers at the Nanjing Yangtze River bridge (which is a common place for suicide attempts) on the weekends, and he tries to stop people from jumping over the edge. It's not an easy job, though. He's suffered various cases of abuse for trying to stop people, but he continues to offer his time (all while maintaining a job during the weekdays). Not only does he spend much of his time on the weekends on the bridge, but he also rents an apartment for the afflicted to stay at as they recover after being saved. He has even inspired a documentary titled "Angel of Nanjing." If you would like to donate to his cause, you can do so here.

2. Claressa Shields goes for gold (again)

All she does is win... Seriously. She was a gold medalist during the 2012 Olympic Games, and not only that, but she was the first American woman to win gold in boxing. And she's planning to get the gold again in Rio this year. I'll be honest and say that I know little to nothing about boxing, but I was completely astounded when I saw the documentary about her life, "T-Rex." (Watch it-- it's on Netflix.) She had the whole theater clapping and yelling (especially during the fight scenes). And I don't need to know much about boxing because I know that Claressa dominates. She's fought 76 fights, and she's only lost one.As of the time I am writing this article, she has already made it to the finals in the 2016 Olympics. I'm totally rooting for Claressa, because she is an inspiration to women, her hometown Flint, boxers, me, and you (or at least she should be an inspiration to you).

3. Lousiana residents remain resilient

The residents of Louisiana have been greatly affected by the terrifying floods that have destroyed their home, but they have proven to be strong and determined. The HuffPost has collected reactions from some of these residents, and they give us some insight into how the community is feeling. Ellen Anderson (a 55-year old Baton Rouge resident) reminds us all that we must remain united during times like these. And plenty of other residents are helping in any way that they can, whether it is by rescuing people or by offering assistance at shelters. It makes me happy to know that some of the people who have been affected by the floods are persevering in the midst of this difficult situation. Their resilience is admirable, to say the least, and it should remind us all to try our very best to remain hopeful and united, no matter the circumstance.
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