A Good Goodbye
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A Good Goodbye

The Death Of A Friendship

A Good Goodbye

I found my person, and I'm making a Grey's Anatomy Christina and Meredith reference. We did everything together from listening to Coldplay, laughing until we farted, or it hurt to much to move, taking funny photos and using them against each other, meeting up at the cafe to stand in the forever omelet line, Boyfriends, heart breaks, ice cream and pajamas on the couch because "How could he do this to me" to "OMG HE JUST TEXTED ME" once we found someone new. My best friend was always there through every tear, unfortunate stain, soundtrack swap, movie night, my mother is crazy scream, tummy growl, "F*** IT UP!!!!" hype, mattress pulling adventure, "I got your back" pep talk, you can do better statement, CONGRATULATIONS, and "I'm not gonna lie you were in the wrong."

We were inseparable.

And as I type this it seems like only yesterday we were that close. To get to the point we grew apart, in the worst way best friends can. Relating to other things, the rolling of countless eyes, differences in maturity, jobs, school, new people, new values, a dying respect, both mothers disapproval, toxic fights, grudges rather than forgiveness, giving more while one could only take, un-appreciation, and a push. These aren't just on her, we both played a part in the loss of our dynamic duo.

College is difficult, and we were both constantly trying to figure out who we were, and if we were okay with that new person. "I dont want to do that" became the norm and a message thread that only seemed to work when it was Friday night became the extent of our friendship. So I cried, and it hurts. Friends are the family that you choose, but what I've realized is that some people are only meant to be in your life for a season. The Patrick to my Spongebob is locked in a box in my closet, filled with photos, birthday gifts, trinkets, movie tickets, plenty of hopes, and an aura filled with loss. I will miss her, the times we shared. However, this friendship has come to an end. Time is not an excuse to stay, and you will never be able to force someone to care like you do. This is all okay, this is life, and certainly not the end.

This is an opportunity to branch out, find others, be gentle to myself because it is a loss, stay positive because she will not be the last person I ever call my best friend.

And vice versa...

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