Golfing At L.C. Boles Has Ruined Golf Anywhere Else For Me.
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Golfing At L.C. Boles Has Ruined Golf Anywhere Else For Me.

Its not the best course in the country but it's the one I love.

Golfing At L.C. Boles Has Ruined Golf Anywhere Else For Me.

Let me start by saying I have always loved golf, it was my first love as a kid, and as I look back on my life I often frame the memories around golf in some context. That being said I am afraid the four years of free golf I have benefited from at L.C. Boles may have ruined the game for me. You know the saying once you have the best of something you can never go back to the lesser standard. Whether it’s a fitted suit, good bourbon, or flying first class, I’m experiencing that but the cheaper scenario. There are plenty of suitable golf courses near me this summer in Columbus, but I’m afraid that the entire time I’ll be playing in the back of my mind the price tag will be lurking making it so not enjoyable.

The beauty of L.C. Boles is that as a student you can walk it for free, because of this no matter how bad I play it doesn’t matter, it was free. Now, if I drop money on the afternoon and have a poor performance I’ll be thinking “I actually spent money on this three putt.” That thought terrifies me. Not being able to enjoy golf makes me feel like Matt Walsh’s character in "Old School".

The way to counter act this is typically saying it was an investment of time and money with friends. Unfortunately, the crew I golf with aren’t here. They have graduated or are back at their respected towns for summer break as well. I’m on my own, and I don’t know how to handle that. I can go and attempt to get paired with a group to round out their foursome, but that’s uncomfortable for both parties. What if those guys are scratch golfers and I hold the pace up? What if they take offense to me burning a heater at the 4th tee? I can’t deal with that pressure.

Considering all of this, the major problem is I really love golf. It’s my favorite activity. I want to drive up to Wooster just to do get a round in. I’m looking forward to golf more than anything else come the fall. When I was in Chicago last fall, I was berated with snapchats by my friends back at Wooster. For as great as Chicago was, I missed out on an entire semester of free golf. Adding that up and it felt like I lost money not golfing. I realize that last sentence makes no sense but addiction isn’t rational, and that’s what I am dealing with here.

Last Tuesday I went up to Golf Galaxy and just putted at the little make shift green there. It was my version of methadone. If the guy working the floor was a better salesmen, I would have broken down and bought one just to have an excuse to hit the links. I need the real thing, but I don’t even know how to go about doing it.

Imagine if you will that you’ve been going to a bar that serves you for free all the time. The beer isn’t good but it’s free. You show up alone, or with your buddies, and they give you a crispy brew. You have no reason to go anywhere else. Your buddies are with you and it’s a good time, but now I moved away from that bar. How do I even go about this new bar? I go up to the bar and what pay? Sit by strangers? I don’t even know what I want to drink. Is there a handshake I need to know to get in? Is the beer even worth the price?

For now I will continue to debate the decision on whether or not to actually pay to do something I have done for free. I realize this is such a dumb issue to have, and honestly the fact this is the biggest concern in my life is actually a pretty nice thought, I miss you all up at Wooster but honestly I miss that decrypted dry golf course more than anything.

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