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8 Struggles Only Golfers Understand From Rainbow Tans To Hat Hair

Golf is such an individual sport, and extremely different from others in a variety of ways, and unfortunately there are a lot of struggles that come with it.

8 Struggles Only Golfers Understand From Rainbow Tans To Hat Hair
isabella abdullah

If you're like me, golf is your life. It always has been, and always will be. And when a sport consumes your life, there are a lot of sacrifices along the way. Sure, I could talk about all the positive aspects of being a golfer; But, what fun would that be? So here are 8 of the things I know that I struggle with, and hope you can relate to as well:

1. Tan lines are your staple

"What is wrong with your feet?" The most common question r as a reaction to a golfer's tan lines. People seem to be in disbelief that our feet our pure white compared to the rest of our body. "Is that a disease?" NO. it is not a disease, I just play golf, these are called TAN LINES. Not to mention the sleeveless shirt tan, the sleeve tan, the V- tan on your neck, shorts tan, skirt tan, and oh not to mention there's a glove tan too. And if you're lucky, you could get an additional bracelet tan too! Your body is basically a dysfunctional rainbow of tan line.

I've experienced and seen it all. And just when you think that you can fix this with the Jergens self-tanner your friends told you to buy, you turn your feet Tropicana orange, a new shade to add to the rainbow. Have fun being orange, tan, red, white, and whatever other color sitting in the sun all day in golf clothes may leave you to be. Now everyone will know you golf.. at least.

2. Being the unluckiest person in the world

Nothing like hitting a pure, gorgeous shot down the middle! Then as you approach it.. you realize.. somehow, by the grace of God, this 2-inch tiny ball in diameter has somehow by the grace of God rolled into the one divot in the fairway!!?? HOW DOES THIS OCCUR?? No clue, but if you're like me, this happens much too often. Being stuck on a tree root, having your ball land in the most obscure places? O Having your ball leap 27 bounces on the cart path to end up OB? Hit a branch and never come down? Of course, why not

3. Mental breakdowns happen at least 10 times/day

Golf is a 4-5 hour round in your own head, unlike any other sport. Golf all comes down to being an individual, even though it is considered a "team sport" in high school and college. People do not realize how mentally draining golf can be. Wearing sunglasses to block the sun? Nah, to hide the tears. In order to succeed you have to have sufficient mental toughness. After a bad shot, you have to learn to shake it off and be positive- otherwise, you're going to fail.

When you lip out a 3 footer, you feel like your life is going to end and feel your heart dropping to the floor. Losing your ball in the rough? More like losing your mind. You want to cut down every tree in sight and develop a strong hatred towards them. A day at the beach is a day in hell. When the buttercut cuts too much...and so on...Sometimes you just want to scream on the course.. Or as some of you will, snap a club.. or two.

4. You only have golf friends

When you're playing golf all day every day, who else are you gonna hang out with? These are the people who understand all of your problems, can relate to your life the best, and you find spending all of your time with. Your teammates are your best friends, I mean you have the same schedule as them and spend morning until night with them. Not to mention after years of junior golf, you've made friends from practically all over the world. But...the issue is...whether it be at home, out of state, or out of the country...you have the unfortunate struggle that your friends are all so far away. But its okay! A 25 or 40-minute drive to see your best friend is no problem best case scenario. You spend so much time with these people, how could you not love them- you all live and breathe golf. Don't be surprised when you hear golfers say that they only have dated golfers.

5. Having your hair look good after playing

Nope, not possible. First of all, you're going to have the dreaded red brim mark thoroughly branded on your forehead for a good couple hours after your round. So, a tip is just not to wear a hat if you plan on going somewhere or looking decent after playing golf. Not to mention the crease and indent the hat or visor will leave in your hair after your round.

6. Living in golf clothes

If you opened up your closet, you probably have 99% of it covered with countless polos, shorts, shirts, pants, and golf shoes. Let's face it, there is no room for real people clothes. Going out is a struggle because wearing a lulu lemon skirt and a polo isn't acceptable for a date.. is it? Anyways, a trip to the mall is a trip to paradise. However, online shopping doesn't go so well.. You tell yourself you'll buy normal people clothes online. Until you see a pop up for a new Nike or Lululemon outfit. You wear them everywhere anyway. Because if you do hang out with your friends, you're of course coming straight from golf. So why waste money on other clothes? Spending $60 on a shirt is a no- go when shopping with friends, but is no problem when you find yourself online shopping at 2.am. for athletic or golf clothes.

7. "Sorry, I'm golfing" starts to come naturally

If you play college golf and are in season, good luck having a social life. Practices are every day for like 5 hours, in addition, to lifting, and not to mention individual practice as well outside of scheduled practice. Your friends on other sports teams and friends who aren't athletes cannot comprehend how practice can possibly be that long. Oh, and don't forget, there's still class too. So finding time to eat meals is basically impossible.

You'll find yourself sprinting to dining halls eating literally one singular bite, then booking it out of there so you have enough time to warm up before your tee time or make it on time to practice. Breakfast doesn't exist on because you either have an 8 a.m. or 7.a.m practice. Protein bars are your go to's. So, unless you're with your teammates, having meals with friends are out of the question. Hitting balls and working out with your team is your idea of "hanging". D1 sports though man. But even in the summer, all you do is golf anyways.

8. Playing in the elements

Nothing worse than a day in the rain. Drenched all day long, looking and feeling like a wet dog. Unlike some sports, a round of golf is not canceled until there is either complete monsoon that would somehow flood the course to an extent to where people playing would wreck the course, have it lightning the entire day (most of the time players on the course come in until the lightning siren gives the "okay" to go back out), or have it have such severe weather to where someone can't leave the house. It could be 20 degrees, rainy, and have to what it seems 80 mph winds, and the round will still be on. It takes major grit to be a golfer. Your worst nightmare is that it will be so wet, to where your club will take flight out of your hands, and fly with your ball. (This most definitely did not happen on our trip to Scotland).

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