Glory, Glory to the Return of Georgia Football

Glory, Glory to the Return of Georgia Football

"There is no tradition more worth of envy, no institution worthy of such loyalty, as the University of Georgia."

My freshman year football season was breathtaking. I thought I had loved UGA, but I had no idea how special that school was to me/how excited it made me until I stepped foot in Sanford for the first home game of the year. You spend your whole life watching college football on TV and attending games with your family, but you never truly experience a college gameday until you're standing in the student section, student ID in pocket, cheering as loud as can be.

Picture yourself in your bright red jersey, sweat dripping down your face, with 92,000 of your closest friends. You're dancing your heart out between the hedges, singing "Saturday! Saturday!" as you soak up the most exciting day of the week: Saturday in Athens. And as you call the Dawgs for the 3rd time in 45 minutes, you still can't get over how perfect that moment in time is.

Despite the incredible atmosphere Georgia Football brings, I would like to argue that it isn't the hype videos, Dawg calls, or marching band songs that make Georgia football what it is. It's not the singing of the Alma Mater, the "Georgia" vs. "Bulldogs" scream-off, or the sea of red jerseys throughout the stands: it's the people.

The UGA family is hard to beat. Together, we've mourned the letting go of an incredible coach and excitedly welcomed the start of a new chapter in the Georgia Football story. We celebrated the return of Kirby Smart and experienced the most unexpected of tragedies and have only come out stronger and closer than we were before. And no matter how many ups and downs the UGA family faces, we're still just that: a family.

To most, these facts have nothing to do with football. They're simply a description of the UGA family. However, isn't it the fans that make football season what it is? Yes, a good team helps, and yes, we adore our players and appreciate all of the work they put in. But the Georgia family is special. The Georgia spirit is shown every day of the week, and the anticipation for the next gameday starts the second each game ends.

UGA is special, no one can deny that. And while I would like to say that this experience is this special for every college student in the country, I'd like to argue that the UGA college football experience is different. I'd like to argue that the amount of passion, energy, and heart that the students, alumni, and fans have for this school is unparalleled. And while you may call me "bias," I think you'd completely agree with me if you were to attend a game.As our first home game approaches, I think we can all agree that the Georgia spirit is as high as ever. As we anxiously wait for kickoff, I think we should all take a moment and appreciate how lucky we are to be able to call ourselves Georgia Bulldogs. Football season is back, and I can't imagine being able to cheer for any other team than my boys in Red and Black.

"There is no tradition more worth of envy, no institution worthy of such loyalty, as the University of Georgia." -Larry Munson

Cover Image Credit: UGA Football Live

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I Blame My Dad For My High Expectations

Dad, it's all your fault.

I always tell my dad that no matter who I date, he's always my number one guy. Sometimes I say it as more of a routine thing. However, the meaning behind it is all too real. For as long as I can remember my dad has been my one true love, and it's going to be hard to find someone who can top him.

My dad loves me when I am difficult. He knows how to keep the perfect distance on the days when I'm in a mood, how to hold me on the days that are tough, and how to stand by me on the days that are good.

He listens to me rant for hours over people, my days at school, or the episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' I watched that night and never once loses interest.

He picks on me about my hair, outfit, shoes, and everything else after spending hours to get ready only to end by telling me, “You look good." And I know he means it.

He holds the door for me, carries my bags for me, and always buys my food. He goes out of his way to make me smile when he sees that I'm upset. He calls me randomly during the day to see how I'm doing and how my day is going and drops everything to answer the phone when I call.

When it comes to other people, my dad has a heart of gold. He will do anything for anyone, even his worst enemy. He will smile at strangers and compliment people he barely knows. He will strike up a conversation with anyone, even if it means going way out of his way, and he will always put himself last.

My dad also knows when to give tough love. He knows how to make me respect him without having to ask for it or enforce it. He knows how to make me want to be a better person just to make him proud. He has molded me into who I am today without ever pushing me too hard. He knew the exact times I needed to be reminded who I was.

Dad, you have my respect, trust, but most of all my heart. You have impacted my life most of all, and for that, I can never repay you. Without you, I wouldn't know what I to look for when I finally begin to search for who I want to spend the rest of my life with, but it might take some time to find someone who measures up to you.

To my future husband, I'm sorry. You have some huge shoes to fill, and most of all, I hope you can cook.

Cover Image Credit: Logan Photography

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Possible Landing Spots For Antonio Brown In 2019

The seven-time Pro Bowl wideout looks to be on his way out of Pittsburgh.


According to several reports, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown requested a trade from his team of nine years after their 2018 season ended without a postseason berth. Brown thanked the Steelers fan base for their support and said it was "time to move on and forward" in a tweet in February. Ever since the reports came out, speculation has run rampant about his next possible landing spot. Brown has developed into one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, posting the most receptions and receiving yards of any player since he entered the league. There are several potential suitors for the veteran wideout.

San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco has a wealth of cap space in the near future. Their tight end George Kittle seems to have reached out to Brown and has received an eye-raising response from him. In addition, Brown liked a Photoshop image of himself in a 49ers uniform and Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice has stated that Brown wants to play for the team. San Francisco could use another dynamic offensive threat to complement Kittle and Brown certainly fits that bill.

Oakland Raiders

Another team with a significant amount of cap space, Oakland is in desperate need of playmakers after trading Amari Cooper. They are staring a steep rebuild directly in the face and could look to start it up by trading for Brown. The Raiders also have five first-round draft picks in the next two years, so they possess the capital necessary to execute such a trade.

Green Bay Packers

The Packers offense struggled last season without many viable receiving options besides Davante Adams. They could use a second weapon and possess two first-round picks in the 2019 NFL Draft. Playing with two-time MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers could be tempting to Brown, and the Packers could be serious Super Bowl contenders if they acquire him.

Pittsburgh could keep Brown for the 2019 season and beyond, as he is signed through 2021, but it is clear that he wants out of the Steel City. He could end up on one of these teams sooner rather than later.

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