Do you have a girl that loves sports in your life? Here's some advice.

1. Buy her merch from her favorite team


Whether it be a jersey, mug, or a simple sticker, help her rep her favorite team!

2. Stop being condescending


Honestly, this could be a whole article in itself. In fact, check this one out, it's spot on. Basically, treat her like you would a guy that likes sports because there's literally no difference.

3. Acknowledge her love for sports


Bring up her favorite sports, teams, and players in conversation. It's a great leeway to talk about it and really get to know her thoughts and opinions as well as showing her you know what she likes.

4. Have good discussions


Whether it be new team acquisitions or plays in games that happened years ago, she probably has an opinion... and it might not be the same as yours. Discussing controversial ideas not only allows you to get to know her point of view but also helps you to know her as a person.

5. Teach her more (in a genuine way)


She loves sports. She knows a lot about sports. But she doesn't know everything there is to know. Through discussion, you can teach each other things. Flags, formations, coaching styles, past teams, etc. There are a lot of rules. There are a lot of sports.

6. Watch games with her


It's easy time together and you can see her love of the game in action.

7. Don't expect her to know every little detail


Don't go quizzing her on obscure facts from the 80's and then bash her when she doesn't know them. If it was thrown back on you, it's doubtful that you would measure up either.

8. Ask her about her opinions

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Just like with basically anything, asking people their opinions on literally anything lets them know that you care. Ask her who she likes and why... it'll go a long way.

If a girl in your life likes sports, acknowledge and cherish it and watch and talk about sports all day because she won't mind.